My Blogger Holiday Wish List

As a blogger, what exactly do I want for the holidays… Oh lots and lots. If I was going to get all greedy, I’d ask for all of the following.

Fair hourly wages for decent workers!!! Did I say !!!! No more jobs that advertise as “jobs” for revenue only or for $4 or less an hour. These jobs waste everyone’s time.

An adsense plugin that actually works without messing up my code.

Never to hear this again from a client, “Pulling images from Google images is the smartest way to go.” Good lord, do clients think I like the idea of being sued?

Acknowledgment when I email a client with a question. I don’t email all that often. If you’re busy fine; email me that.

For my check to show up when it’s supposed to. Writing, in general, is the only job I’ve ever held where payment for work completed is considered such a side issue. It gets old.

Only nice and helpful, not pushy and rude PR people. Many are very nice (honestly, I work with some cool folks) BUT the bad demanding apples really ruin my day.

I’d like my family and friends to get that blogging is cool. They all save my print work with excited smiles, but do they ever visit my blogs? No, they just think blogging is some slacker phase in my world. On the upside, I suppose since they don’t ever visit my blogs, I can rant about it, and they’ll never know.

I want this whole new issue of WordPress pulling weird links and placing them on my blogs to go away.

Blogs to get back to content over giveaways. I like blog giveaways, I think they’re fun for readers and bloggers, but what’s annoying me lately is the sheer amount of contests over content I see. I went to this one blog yesterday (to read) but there was nothing to read related to the blog’s topic; instead, scrolling through, all I saw was weeks of giveaways. This is a good way to increase traffic I suppose, but it’s also a handy way to lose old readers who actually want content.

Of course happy readers and extra traffic make stellar holiday gifts as well. But, since these gifts are more my call, I guess I won’t ask Santa.

Candy? Can I ask for that? I like chocolate kisses.

Now what do you want as a blogger this holiday season?

Oh, and in case you think I’m in some sort of bad blogging mood, I’m not. I’m just fighting the flu, and kind of in an icky mood. This is a pretty short wish list. Coming up, I’m going to post some things that have actually made my life as a blogger easier lately (some cool stuff you can try), and as soon as I’m over this flu, and can think again, we’ll get back to our look at social networking.

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