Wanted: Someone Who Gets It

by Deb Ng Warning: Brief rant up ahead. The other day I had a frustrating talk with someone about building community around a website. He’s going for celebrities and shock value rather than reach out to bloggers and social media, even though the bloggers and social media experts embraced the business early on. He called bloggers “amateur hour.” (Hint: Don’t wonder why no one is blogging about you, if you dismiss bloggers as amateurs.) I submit we can give you something the expensive, hot shot P. R. firms can’t. Now that more businesses are looking to build up community and [Read more…]

30 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs and How to Get Them

by Deborah Ng We talk about writing for web and print as if there are only two forms of freelance writing – magazines and newspaper (print) and web content (web). This isn’t the case. There are so many ways to support one’s self as a freelance writer and the aforementioned print and web opportunities are only a part of it. Today I’d like to explore some of the different types of opportunities available to freelance writers, and offer a few hints as to how to land some of these jobs.  While this report is nowhere near being “in-depth” I did [Read more…]

Would You Hire You?

When you are looking for work as a freelance writer (or any kind of work for that matter), you need to present yourself in the best possible way if you are going to get hired. Have you ever looked at your writing resume and cover letter and considered the impression it makes on someone reading it for the first time? Put yourself in the chair of the person reading your application and think about whether you are coming across like someone they would be interested in hiring. Have you explained who you are (a freelance writer extraordinaire, of course) who [Read more…]

Why You Should Write Cheap Articles

They say that the best way to learn is by doing. They also say that hands-on experience is the most memorable and valuable. Lastly, they say (who is “they”, anyways?) that if you want to know how a man feels, walk a mile in his shoes. That’s why I think every writer out there should write 500 words for $2.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday, December 12, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! I’ve got leads for content writers, editors, copy writers, and technical writers for you today. There are several blogging jobs as well. A few internships round out today’s list. Leads… Telecommute Freelance Writers/Bloggers for Insurance Articles Writers for How To Website GPS Company Seeks Freelance Writers for Human Interest Stories ($100-$200 per article) Topical, Experienced Writers Needed for Paid Position Going Green Articles Wanted Part Time English Editor Needed Grant Writing and Editing for Education – Free World U

Mystery Shopping: A Market You May Not Have Considered

Mystery shopping is a lot more than simply getting paid to shop. These types of assignments can be used to supplement your income, and you may be surprised to learn that there is writing involved. Mystery shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry that helps companies to get a clear idea of how well their employees are interacting with customers. An unhappy customer is more likely to leave and decide not to return than to mention their concerns to management, and this directly affects the company’s bottom line. When you sign up with a mystery shopping company, you have the option [Read more…]

Caller You Say What? Questions About Queries

By Terreece M. Clarke I always wanted my own talk show :0) Today I’m going to answer a few of the great questions I’ve received: Rupa Says: Hi Terreece, Off topic – but I wanted to return to the query challenge. (Yes, I am working on it!) I have spent some time studying query letter tips and sample queries online. I have never done this before and want to learn to do it right. I have a few questions – Is it absolutely necessary to mention in the query some of the names of the people I will be talking [Read more…]

Sports and Outdoors Freelance Writers Wanted

Leading sporting goods retailer looking for efficient, colorful freelance writers with knowledge and expertise regarding specific sports and outdoor activities to write informative/entertaining article(s) for bi-monthly customer-rewards mailer/magazine. Activities include but are not limited to golf, hunting, fishing, fitness, major sports, hiking and running. Golf, outdoors, fitness and soccer are high priority. Must be able to work with editor and director in crafting and revisions of article, as well as participate in conference calls, email and other communications.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday, December 11, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! Here are your leads for today. Leads… Telecommute Freelance Primary Grades Reading/Language Arts Writer and Editor Freelance Grades 7-12 ESL/ELL Writer and Editor Freelance Catalog Copywriter Job – NY Area Applicants Preferred but Will Consider Telecommuters from Other Areas Freelance Web Copywriter Web Content Writer Online Content Writer for Prom Topics Web Writer Needed Freelance Web Content Editor Technology Marketing Writers College/High School Travel Writers for National Web Publisher ($40-$90 per article) Editor Needed for Blog/Website Between The Cracks Magazine Accepting New Content Scientific Methodology Article Wanted Channel Editors/Copywriters for Hair Loss Site [Read more…]

Writing Tip of the Day: Join a Writing Group

Joining a writers group can help a writer take their work to another level. You want to find a group with writers moving in different places in their career, established writers, newbies and middle-of-the-roaders. Too many of one kind may leave the group a bit one-sided. For example, a group with a majority of newbies may look to you to be the teacher of the group and while you can learn something from everyone, you want to have a an opportunity to learn from someone with more experience than you as well. You also want a group that can offer [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Wednesday, December 10, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! Hard to believe that three weeks from today is New Year’s Eve, isn’t it? Today’s leads include opps for writers who can write city guides, technical writers, copy writers, and content writers. There are gigs for astrology writers, medical writers, travel writers, translators, and bloggers. The most creative job title I’ve seen for awhile is today’s “Knowledge Analyst” contract position in the site-specific leads. It sounds impressive on this frosty Wednesday morning. Hope you will be impressed by something on today’s list too. Leads… Telecommute Freelance Writers for Articles for city guides to [Read more…]

Why I Write

by Deb Ng One of my first freelance writing gigs was a weekly online humor column. I worked full time however, so I did much of my writing during the morning and evening commutes – an hour each way. It came to pass that no matter what I was doing – working, watching TV, washing the dishes, walking in the subway – I was writing. I was forming sentences and ideas and kept playing with those ideas until I could find a keyboard or pen and paper. It’s like I couldn’t shut off the words in my head. It’s always [Read more…]

How Well Do You Fact Check?

by Terreece M. Clarke The BEST writing “how-to” ever!. Our first job as non-fiction content writers/journalists is to present the truth fairly and accurately. Whether it’s on the web, in glossies or newsprint we are obligated to uphold a certain standard. It is what makes people trust what we say and what makes them look to us when they need information. Most of us do our jobs well. We seek out knowledgeable sources and we try to stay as objective as possible. But how well researched is that knowledgeable source? You’re writing an article on clothes detergent – the best [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, December 9, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! It’s a frosty Tuesday morning here, but hopefully something on today’s list of leads will make you feel warm all over and want to send in an application. There was a noteworthy (and not in a good way) ad that I saw in my travels this morning. An employer is offering a whopping $2 per article plus a bonus for page views. The ad goes on to say, “You won’t get rich overnight but the potential is there.” No, it really isn’t there….. I do like sharing these little gems with you. Leads… [Read more…]

The Impotence of Proofreading

Thanks to my brother in law Mark for turning me on to this video. Though it’s talking about proofreading term papers, I think it’s appropriate to freelance writers. Enjoy! via videosift.com

Monday Markets for December 8, 2008

This week’s Monday Markets is about the art and business of writing. The American Journalism Review looks at industry trends and issues facing journalists and Written By profiles film and television writers. The last magazine on today’s list, The Writer Magazine, looks at the life of a writer and all its challenges and triumphs. American Journalism Review From the Web Site: American Journalism Review welcomes submissions from outside writers. Please read the magazine to get an idea of what we cover — namely ethical issues and dilemmas, coverage that falls short, occasional profiles, trends in the industry, etc. We prefer [Read more…]

How to Stay Motivated to Keep Looking for Freelance Work

“…Now I got them steadily depressin, low down mind messin Working [as a freelance writer] blues.” With my apologies to the late, great Jim Croce, there are times when marketing yourself just seems like waayyy too much trouble. It’s not always easy to keep putting yourself out there and keep applying for job postings or pitching potential clients. If you have recently been rejected, it can make the task of looking for work especially daunting. Looking for your next opportunity is part of a freelance writer’s life. No matter how full your plate happens to be at any moment in [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs Community Brainstorming Session

So I spent this weekend answering some of my mail (have more to go – thanks for your patience) and a common question is from bloggers and web content writers who write about the same topic day in and day out and sometimes have trouble coming up with ideas. As someone who has been in this boat before I understand how hard it is to stay fresh. Let us help you. Throw a topic into the comments and we will assist you with ideas for posts and articles. Go on, don’t be shy. That’s what a community is for!

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, December 8, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! It’s Monday and we’re back to a Winter Wonderland outside. Today’s leads include opportunities for researchers, editors, translators, history and architecture writers. I’ve got gigs for bloggers, copy writers, sports writers, technical writers, reporters, and proofreaders. Hope something on today’s list brightens up your day. Leads… Telecommute Freelance Writer for Luxury Watch Industry Writers Wanted for Custom Content @ Associated Content Virtual Full Time Freelance Web Producer Small Writing Project for Health/Fitness Site Business Plan Assistance Needed Chinese to English Translator Wanted ($80-$100 per 1,000 words) Sales Newsletter Copy Writer – Contract – [Read more…]

Are We Losing Our Individuality?

In the past few weeks many freelance writing and blogging blogs included posts on the following (Yours Truly is no exception): Gift Ideas Setting Goals Top X Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Using an Editorial Calendar …and a number of topics that are being done to death. So let me ask you…is it easier for us to borrow someone else’s ideas than come up with our own? What do you think?

Freelance Writing Jobs for Sunday, December 7, 2008

Here’s a list of freelance writing jobs to get you through a somewhat snowy Sunday. Don’t forget, it’s time for my end of year link love offering as a way to say thank you to the FWJ community. If you would like your blog mentioned in the end of year link love post, please send the details to [email protected] Now, leads… Graphic Design Blogger Freelance Real Estate Reporters Freelance Writer – NYC Copywriting for Male Fashion Website – $125 Freelance Writer for Web 2.0 Site Freelance Gamin Writers Fire Equipment and Emergency Apparatus Magazine – $600 Freelance Writer and Marketing [Read more…]

Can Community Ever Be a Bad Thing?

I received an interesting email a little while ago. With the author’s permission I’m repriting, but not mentioning names. Dear Deb, I wanted to participate in your discussion about if FWJ should have a forum but I didn’t want to post my answer in the comments. I’m not a fan of forums because I don’t want to be friends with my competition. I don’t believe in “communities” centered around one’s chosen profession because I don’t want to not apply for a job because I’m feeling the love for another writer. Community holds writers back from getting what they deserve because [Read more…]

Four Tips for Starting your Freelance Life

Note from Jodee: Freelance Writer Meaghan Campbell has contributed today’s post. I know you will enjoy reading it. by Meaghan Campbell After two years of technical writing I was itching for more creative work. To escape creative annihilation, I started The Word Boutique, my very own freelance business. These best-practice tips I’ve learned will help any freelancer along the way. 1. Build your network, whenever you can. No writer stands alone. I didn’t have a leg to stand on when I started freelancing, but I built my network wherever I could. I asked former classmates to critique my samples. I [Read more…]

Enough With the Comment Spam

Lately I’ve been seeing a trend I’m not thrilled about. Comment spam. But not the kind of Viagra/porno site/make money online comment spam we’re used to finding in our spam filters. These are from real people who are participating in the conversation and then somewhere in the comment they drop a link. I especially get this from folks dropping their work at home or Associated Content affiliate links. It’s annoying. Recently one person called me a hypocrite. She wanted to know how come we post ads for jobs all day but she can’t put her own ads in the comments. [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday, December 5, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! I’ve got leads for ghostwriters, legal writers, math writers, and science writers for you this morning. There are opps for copy writers, technical writers, bloggers, translators and editors as well. I saw an interesting twist on the “we can’t pay you right now” theme that runs through far too many online job ads. This employer is looking for writers for various subjects but also offers adult content on a subscription basis. If you get hired by them, you won’t get paid for at least six months, but you get a free subscription so [Read more…]

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