An Adsense Cautionary Tale

Many people ask me why I still use Adsense at FWJ. I tell them it’s because, for some reason, this blog network is hard to monetize. I get the best results from Adsense, plain and simple. It makes up for about 74% of the revenue earned here. We’ve tried other forms of advertising but this […]

Monday Markets for December 22, 2008

For this week’s Monday Markets, the print magazines explore the subject of religion. Angels on Earth publishes stories about God’s messengers on Earth, and Just Cause deals with national and international stories. Decisions is published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Angels on Earth From the Web Site: Angels on Earth® publishes true stories about […]

Would You Rather?

…earn $20,000 more than you earn now and work 10 hours a day at an office job, or would you rather work at home earning what you earned now or less. What is the tipping point where someone makes an offer that you can’t refuse in order to return to a full time job. For […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, December 22, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! It’s Monday and the countdown to Christmas has begun. Today’s list has leads for medical writers, SEO writers, business plan writers, copy writers, and technical writers. I have a few blogging jobs for your consideration as well. I hope your dream job is on today’s list. Leads…. Telecommute […]

Introducing Kommein

New project alert! David Peralty and I have a great new project launching tomorrow. It’s call Kommein and it’s a blog about building community and community management. Kommein, by the way, is an Indo-European term meaning “shared by all”. In other words, community. As you know, community is very important to me and we wanted […]

Personal Finance Blogger

Description: Post Topics should be: – on world financial events – tips on getting out of debt – tips on saving – retirement, 401k, IRAs, etc. information – producing alternative income streams – household budgets – credit cards – any other related personal finance articles Post Lengths: – Each post should be approximately 500+ words […]

Three Useful Blogging Tools Including the Best Free Image Editor for PCs

< In the post One Blogging Tool That Makes My Life Easier, I noted that eventually I’d cover some other cool tools. Looks like I’m late – better late than never I suppose. Three other blogging tools I’ve been very happy with include: 1) The Sociable plugin. This is a plugin that many of you […]

What Are Your 2009 Blogging Goals…?

Lordy, it’s almost that time of year – goal setting time. Personally, I’d like to get my everlasting box of Cedar photos organized. My son will be twenty before I finish this I swear. Here though, we should talk about blogging. When it comes to blogging, I’ve got some semi-medium sized goals figured out and […]