Press Releases – Where to Find Work

By Terreece M. Clarke

A few weeks ago I wrote about the fundamentals of a press release. Among the questions I received the most popular was, of course, “Where do I find clients?”

The good news is there are a lot of clients out there. The bad news is, you are going to have to contact most of them to get the work. While there are some companies and organizations that will advertise a need for press release writers through Craigslist.Org & FWJ, many often do not. So which organizations should you approach?

  • Non-profits – Many non-profits, including local branches of national organizations, do not have in-house PR people and if they do, they are often looking for a helping hand with release projects.
  • Small Businesses – Small businesses often operate on a limited budget and a freelancer will give them the best bang for their buck. Don’t be surprised if you have to convince a few of the importance of a press release.
  • PR firms – Surprised? You shouldn’t be. This industry, like many others, outsource when they get too much work.
  • Churches – There are always events and happenings going on and local churches would love to get the community and media involved. The budget they have available for a release often depends on the size of the church. And where there is no budget, I advise that a free release or two will help you collect clips while doing a good deed & boosting your opportunity for referrals.
  • Large Businesses – Again, while they may have an in-house team, it is easier to pass off work to a freelancer when things get hectic.

These are just a few places you can begin to send out your super sweet marketing materials in anticipation of well-paying, loyal clients. No, seriously, we’re thinking positive here.

Do you have a great source for press release work? Tell us below!


  1. says

    Just starting out my freelancing/creative services business. I’ve been paid various rates for articles I’ve written for years, but I want to offer press releases and marketing materials.

    I’m curious to what an average price point is for a press release and other similar documents? Does anyone have advice on that?

  2. Chris says

    I have done a few press releases and based my rate on my estimated timeframe to complete the press release. If it seems pretty straight forward based on the information obtained from the client, I do a rough calculation of how long I estimate it will take me and multiple the number of hours by my desired (but realistic) hourly rate. Most of the press releases I have written are only 1 page so my rate usually works out to $50-$100 for 2-4 hours work. Hope that helps.

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