Winners of the NBT Postcard Giveaway

It’s time to find out who won our postcard giveaway.

If you’re interested in a recap of the cool postcard prize read: The Network Blogging Tips Postcard Giveaway! – Prize Facts

We had about 53 entries – luckily for you, that pool has been shortened some due to the fact that not everyone followed the rules. If you told me what you’d do with these postcards in your comment, I’ve entered your number into a random number generator.

And our two winners are…

Colleen – who said, “I like the idea of touching base with old, current and potential clients the old fashion way. I would send them out in January as a Happy New Year card.”


MJ Ray – who said, “I’d use them to promote one of the not-for-profit projects in our local area which doesn’t have an advertising budget yet (because they haven’t got enough income yet).

How much is non-US/CA shipping? I can’t see a price on the uprinting site – seems to kill their site stone dead. (Yes, I’m having a really bad day.)

As to MJ’s question, I’m not sure. However, I’ll be emailing both winners at some point today, in order to hook them up with our postcard giveaway sponsor, Then you can talk to them about the shipping.

Congrats to our two winners, thanks to everyone who entered, and a big thanks to for providing such a great holiday gift.

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