1,759 posts enough for you?

Ok I know we’ve been talking about blog images, and we’ll get back to that tomorrow or Wednesday, but I had to comment on this blog I just saw.

When people link to me, I tend to go see who they are either to say thanks, OR to deal with them if they’ve stolen content. Today someone linked to me, I went to their blog, and I am in shock. They had 1,759 posts in September, 623 in October, and now they’re down to a more manageable 480 in December.

Of course you’re thinking total content scrapper site. Which yeah, is what I was thinking too. But then I started looking around and it’s not an entirely scrapped site. The blogger, and I’m using that term VERY loosely, has some original content on there, plus some rss steals, plus some hand made link love posts, and they took the time to make decent categories and a blogroll. On top of all that, I only found one ad on the site. WTF? That better be one well performing ad.

I can’t link to them for you, because it hurts my heart to link to scrapper sites, even half scrapped sites. I hate sending them traffic. However, overall I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Maybe we need to start a how-to blog for scrappers now, because seriously, I wanted to email (not that they had a contact page) and say, “Hey do it all the way, or why bother!” I mean, be a good blogger or be an outstandingly annoying content thief, but why aim for both? It boggles the mind.

Do I have any sort of point with this post? AT ALL?

No, I really don’t. You know when you see something so bizarre that you have to say it out loud? Well, I just had to tell someone about crazy wanna-be content thief, and this seemed like an appropriate place.

What’s the strangest blog you’ve ever seen?


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