Do You Care Who Advertises on Your Blog?

In the last couple of weeks I turned down two advertisers who probably could have brought good income into this blog network. Why? Because it felt hypocritical accepting their money.  Both were places that hired writers and I didn’t agree with their treatment of writers.

Someone offhandedly mentioned that I’m not in much of a position to choose. If FWJ brought in more bucks, then I can worry about who advertises, until then I should just allow anyone to advertise on this network regardless of who they are and how they treat their writers.

I stand firm. I can’t in good conscience endorse a website that isn’t fair to writers. What do you think? Are you pick about your blog’s advertisers?


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    At this time I don’t have advertising on my blog but have been asked about it. I would definitely be cautious of who I accept to advertise on my blog because it’s my reputation I’m putting out there and I don’t want to promote something I don’t agree with. Just some thoughts.

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    I can barely write about things I don’t agree with (i.e. gambling), let alone put junk I can’t condone out there every day on my blog. I can’t even recommend books I haven’t read; I feel bad. It’s hard when you’re a mostly green blogger, because you have to be so darn picky about companies – it goes further than products but into company ethics, materials, etc. But, I’d be lame IMO if I was willing to offer up stuff I wouldn’t personally use.

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    The only advertising I currently have on my blog is Adsense, but if I were to accept advertising directly from organisations then I would definitely be picky about who was advertising – I think as visitors to this site we should be grateful that we have someone as considerate as Deb looking out for our interests in this way.

    Like Jennifer, I wont recommend a book unless I’ve read it – I’m happy to say I’ve bought it or that someone else has recommended it, but I will always state that I haven’t read it and reserve judgment as I don’t think it’s fair to mislead readers in that way.

    I definitely agree with Deb’s decision on this. What’s the point of having control over advertising, and being the web’s premier resource for writers looking for jobs, if you’re going to let justanyone advertise here?

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    I have read almost everywhere that the ads should match the blogs focus and readers interests. So no not just any old advertiser will do. Good for you for turning down the deal if it won’t be acceptable to you or at FWJ!

    How far will one go to obtain money anyways?

    I would defo be picky and am. So far I only have Adsense, but will eventually put up ad sources that have been used by others and proven to work well. I have some in a favs folder somewheres…

    It’s your blog, your network, your readers/viewers, your reputation!

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    I’m picky and I’ve only accepted two direct adverts and two ad networks to my current blogs. I’m not doing it mainly to get ad revenue, but it’s nice to have a few to cover the hosting costs and so on.

    I have noticed that advertisers are getting fussier recently. They don’t seem willing to relax their harsh “standard terms” any more.

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    Great question! I have two ad networks on my blog that I’m very happy with. Every once in a while I receive emails asking about “text links” to their business websites, which to me is an advertisement. Some of them act like it’s not an ad, which I find rather odd. I let them know how much I would charge, which is a miniscule amount, but they usually decline. I’d rather not have their ad on my blog at all than to provide them a text link at an outrageously low fee. Especially when I know that the link will raise their Google ranking.

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