General image mistakes bloggers make

I got into an image frenzy here at NBT to kick off the year. In case you missed it, catch up by reading:

Today – a few more image mistakes that blogger make…

Not giving credit or even acknowledging the damn image: This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. In fact I already covered this in the post, How To Look Like A Smack Amateur. Being a major architect fan, I can tell you that there is NOTHING worse than visiting a blog, seeing a title like, “Gorgeous House” and some drool-worthy structure that lacks any sort of credit given.  I can’t tell you how angry it makes me to not know who built something. I’m sure it’s frustrating for people in other blog genres too when they see random (non-stock) non-credited images. I think this is a totally shoddy, lazy, and lame act and I’ve been known to point these blogs out in public. If you post an image, please give it some credit love.

Some folks even credit all the free stock images they use; I don’t always go that far, but if you have a blog that relies on images – i.e. art, architecture, fashion, etc, always give credit.

Not tagging your images: An image tagged organic fair trade chocolate will turn up in image search results. An image tagged pic123672 won’t. If you’re not tagging your images correctly, you’re missing out on traffic. Plus, you know how when you hover your mouse on an image and the tags show up? It just looks nice to have words show up instead of random numbers – to me this is a visual perk. Deb wrote about this mistake a bit more in-depth in Use Keywords to Label Your Images for Increased Traffic.

Using only affiliate ads as your images: This may be more a personal choice, but I’d rather see the following image:


[Image via Amazon]

Than this image…


From an affiliate point of view, many think that the second image does better pay wise, based on the little buy button, but from an aesthetics point of view, a blog post full of ad images vs. pretty full size images is annoying. Like I said, it’s a choice, but in my experience, text based affiliate links do well, if not better than ad images when paired with a short review.

Stealing images in many forms: If you use Google images to find the bulk of your images without checking copyright, stop right now. If you hotlink, your karma is already shot, so I can’t help you. Always check copyright.

The unspoken rule among some bloggers re: image use: Along with stealing, I did want to mention one weird break in the rules. In one of my niches, architecture, there’s this unspoken rule among most of the architect bloggers I know. The rule goes something like this:

  • One blogger finds a killer house and posts an entire gallery of said house.
  • You come along and get house jealous, because you want to share it with your readers.
  • In this case, I’d take ONE image, share it on my blog, give credit, and send my readers packing over to the other blog to see the whole gallery.

I only do this on my architect blog. Other blog genres I write for don’t share this code of conduct. It’s a fine line. In this specific niche I know which blogs do this to me, and which I’m free to do it back to. I never break this code by say, taking an entire gallery of pictures from a blog. The point, it seems among structural bloggers is lots o’ merry-go-round link love. I hesitated to even post this, because I don’t want you going around taking images from other sites, but if you’re deep in a niche, know other bloggers in said niche, and don’t break the basic code, you may have your own set of image rules among those blogs, which is ok in my opinion. BUT like I said, it’s a fine line. Know your niche, and know how other bloggers act before doing anything like this.

Next up the final image post in this image series before we call it a day.

Do any of your blog niches have unusual codes of image conduct? OR if you’d rather talk about general rules, tell me, in the comments, which image mistakes you see that bug you.


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