Guilt Free Rewards


by Deb Ng

This isn’t a plug for the day job, I promise.

Yesterday afternoon I listened to an inspiring interview on BlogTalkRadio. My friend Dave Navarro of Rock Your Day fame was a guest on the WAHumor show, and threw out some practical ideas for balancing work and life and getting the most from both. I especially liked the tips regarding doing what you want without feeling guilty about it.

Perhaps you can relate…

I like to enjoy my evenings. Whether I’m watching television or a movie with Mr. Ng or crocheting or reading, that’s my time to relax how I see fit. However, there are times when I feel really guilty about doing these things. I feel as if I should be working or blogging. I’m a notorious procrastinator, so if I didn’t get the job done I can’t enjoy myself.

I found that if I treat my evening relaxation as a reward, I’m more apt to get things done. That’s why when I knew there would be three hours of “Lost” goodness on television last night, I started work early and made sure I got it all done. When I sat down there wasn’t any nagging feeling in the back of my head. I enjoyed my evening and I’m starting today on a positive note.

The other day I wrote about how difficult it is to work around clutter, that goes for mind clutter too. Sit down, get the job done and remove the clutter from your life. When you’re distraction free, you can work – and relax – without guilt.


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