Help build a killer link love page here at Network Blogging Tips

Hey all, we’re working on a link love page. I’m old school so I do love a good blogroll, however, I don’t love page clutter so I’m setting up a page here instead.

The point: We offer one kind of blog advice. Other blogs offer different advice. It’s nice to have a resource where bloggers can look for various sorts of blogging advice. Plus I just like to link out to good blogs.

How you can help: I’m a busy blogger who only regularly reads a handful of blogging blogs. I only like to recommend what I normally read and that will be a short list. I could just link those blogs, or I could link more blogs that are reader recommended. More blogs = a better resource.

Just so you don’t recommend doubles:

Blogs that I will be linking include:

All of the above I subscribe to, check in with at least every two weeks, and gain good solid advice from, hence me being able to say, “Yes, go read them.” There’s no need for you to second the sentiments. I’ve also got some other resources lined up that will help you if you blog, such as networks and folks who can help you out with themes, design, and coding.

Why you should help: The above list is pretty darn small. If you recommend a good blog or two it will help readers who want more resources.

What you can recommend:

  • Any old blog having to do with blogging. Blogging tips, blog design, blogs for business, and so on. Not a general writing blog – a blogger’s blog. Writing blogs are great, but not for blogger resource pages, blogging vs. other writing is a different ball of wax. Make sure the blog is at least 80% web writing/blog/new media advice please.
  • A blog that is updated at least once a week. I delete blogs off my blogroll if they don’t update, so unless the blogger posts don’t recommend their blog.
  • A blog that has some sort of fresh content. Don’t suggest links to blogs that round up news from other blogging blogs. Lame.
  • Feel free to suggest your own blog. IF you meet all of the above criteria.

So recommend a blog or two in the comments. Tell me at least one reason why you like them, and I’ll check them out. Maybe they’ll end up on our link page.


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