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As I’ve complained about before, I’ve had clients who actually tell me to use Google Images to locate appropriate post images in order to “amp my posts”. I refuse, because online suicide is not a blogging goal of mine. I agree though that images are a nice blog addition. I personally don’t think that every single post needs an image, but if the image does one of the following, it’s a good plan:

  • Adds something to your post – nostalgia, humor, beauty, or clearly shows your post theme.
  • Highlights your post topic – for say product reviews. Product review posts that lack images are annoying, because people like to see what you’re talking about.
  • Makes the post – there are times when an image is almost all you need for a post. This works best on fashion, architecture, decor, and other art minded blogs, but you can also make it work for you at another type of blog. Quotes spring to mind. I rarely post a quote, but if I find one, and it matches a current theme, I might post it along with an appropriate image.

Images do have some major benefits:

  • Images grab and hold reader attention.
  • The right images, like the right text will make your readers feel something – happiness, sadness, intrigue, and more.
  • Images can be used to break up list or otherwise long posts.
  • Images can eventually draw sponsors and affiliates to your site – if you’ve used images in such a way that they add appeal to your blog.
  • Images, when labeled correctly, increase blog traffic.
  • Images used in a post or at other places on your blog (like a sidebar) can effectively promote a contest, shopping area, or current event.
  • Images can make you look like more of an authority on a topic.

Images have downsides as well:

  • When placed incorrectly images can ruin the entire look of a blog. You know what I mean, when folks don’t take the time to wrap text correctly, or they fail to align an image for the best possible look.
  • The perfect image can be hard to find which drains valuable blogging time.
  • Most images are not come as they are ready – I’d estimate that I edit at least 80% of my images, which also sucks time. Having a good image editor helps though.
  • Not all images are free.
  • If you use an image you shouldn’t you could be facing copyright issues; at best you’ll have to deal with emails from annoyed individuals (although they have every right to be annoyed), at worst you could actually face legal charges.

Coming up..

Where to find free blog images that you won’t get sued for using – and a rundown of which image sites are the fastest and easiest to use.

Tools that can help you make the most of images and some helpful random blog image tips.


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