Can single parents make a living working online freelance writing & blogging

I don’t know how many single parents read this blog, but I tend to blog what I know, so this week, we’re going to look at something I know a lot about, making a living freelancing as a single parent. You can look online and find hundreds of articles about how to make a million […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday, January 23, 2009

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! It’s Friday and I have leads for book publishing writers, energy writers, sports writers, and tech writers. Some blogging gigs are on today’s list, as well as several internships. Leads… Telecommute Book Publishing Articles Wanted Freelance Writers for Small Business and Technology Channel @ Bright Hub Freelance Energy […]

Are You Blogging Because You Love It – Or Because it Pays?

As an old school blogger I enjoy hearing about others’ passion for their topics when they blog. Knowing they feel as I do justifies all the long hours. Lately though I’ve been hearing a different take; folks blogging not because they love it but because it’s a “work at home” job. The passion isn’t there, […]

Using Bad News as a Motivational Tool

by Deborah Ng So last week the Ng family received some bad news. Don’t worry, we’re all happy and healthy and will hopefully stay that way, but the news was unexpected and may result in the loss of an income. Then yesterday we received some more bad news. Another financial setback. Something that needs to […]

Do You Have an Elevator Speech? You Should!

The idea of an elevator speech is to tell someone you have just met something about yourself and your business, in 30 seconds or less. This works out to about the same amount of time you would spend riding in an elevator with someone. The elevator speech is something that you should practice before delivering, […]

Blogger Wanted: $20 per Post seeks someone to inspire, inform and entertain people about what can sometimes be perceived as a dry topic – online education. (Dare we say it, it is actually quite exciting!) FYI, Study2U is a directory of online and distance learning degrees. We launched our blog this week, see: The scope the blog can […]