Pull your next article ideas from today's inauguration

picture-11By Terreece M. Clarke

The world’s eyes are on the United States today as we swear in our first African-American President. As I watched history and prayed morning sickness wouldn’t strike in the middle of it, I found myself thinking several things. One of which was: “That would make a good article.” What can I say, I’m a writer and I find inspiration where I can!

Let’s look at some of the themes and occurrences of today and shape them into article ideas using popular categories that you can further break down to fit your niche:


This was a big theme in President’s Obama address and responsibility can fall into many categories:

  • Kids and Family – Responsibility and kids, Teaching responsibility, Role modeling responsibility
  • Green – Using your home/office/school energy sources wisely
  • Financial – Steps toward financial responsibility, What’s standing between you and financial responsibility?
  • Work – Get your boss to give you more responsibility at work


  • Kids and Family – Ways to get your kids involved in volunteering, Finding volunteer opportunities in your area, Balancing volunteerism and career interests
  • Green – Green volunteering opportunities
  • Work – How to start a volunteer program at your company

Other themes:

  • Health – Know what to do when someone has a seizure
  • Fashion

Did today inspire any article ideas for you?


  1. says

    Terreece, I found myself thinking many of the same types of articles, but what I ended up doing over at aboutfreelancewriting.com was link to Obama’s speech and a source of all inaugural speeches as part of my Power of Words category.

    But you’re right, we writers can turn anything into an article… anything at all.


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