Losing…and Regaining My Blogging Identity


The last year was quite roller coast for freelance writing jobs. As I took on more work for other people and hired others to replace me at my own blog, I found myself wondering if I was making a mistake. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to watch others take over your blog, no matter how much you love them. One year later, people forgot who I am. They thought my blog belonged to someone else. That hurt a bit.

I’m also finding as I build up someone else’s brand, I’m becoming more associated with my day job and THAT brand than my own. So who is Deborah Ng? Is she a blogger? A community manager? Just some person who spends a lot of time on Twitter? A year ago I was so sure of myself and now I’m just….confused. Have I lost my identity?

Now, I don’t regret hiring others to blog here at FWJ. The team here is the best and I’m proud and happy to have them on board.  However, after having a small financial setback, I did take back the finding of writing leads for the FWJ network.  It’s more work, but it’s reminding me again why I started this blog, and what I feel my purpose is – to help other writers find paying work. I feel like I’m slowly regaining my identity.

I’m still a little confused as to how people see me now as opposed to a year ago, and I’m struggling to get the “Deb Ng, Blogger” thing back. But it’s all good. No worries, no regrets.

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  1. If you are feeling like you are regaining your identity, then that is a silver lining in the events that have affected FWJ recently. :)

  2. Deb, we could never forget who you are. You are one of the foremost writers/bloggers/tweeps for the writing field.

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