Losing…and Regaining My Blogging Identity

The last year was quite roller coast for freelance writing jobs. As I took on more work for other people and hired others to replace me at my own blog, I found myself wondering if I was making a mistake. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to watch others take over your blog, no matter how much you love them. One year later, people forgot who I am. They thought my blog belonged to someone else. That hurt a bit.

I’m also finding as I build up someone else’s brand, I’m becoming more associated with my day job and THAT brand than my own. So who is Deborah Ng? Is she a blogger? A community manager? Just some person who spends a lot of time on Twitter? A year ago I was so sure of myself and now I’m just….confused. Have I lost my identity?

Now, I don’t regret hiring others to blog here at FWJ. The team here is the best and I’m proud and happy to have them on board.  However, after having a small financial setback, I did take back the finding of writing leads for the FWJ network.  It’s more work, but it’s reminding me again why I started this blog, and what I feel my purpose is – to help other writers find paying work. I feel like I’m slowly regaining my identity.

I’m still a little confused as to how people see me now as opposed to a year ago, and I’m struggling to get the “Deb Ng, Blogger” thing back. But it’s all good. No worries, no regrets.


  1. Jodee says

    If you are feeling like you are regaining your identity, then that is a silver lining in the events that have affected FWJ recently. :)

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