Monday Markets for February 23, 2009

This week’s edition of Monday Markets includes two magazines for parents and families. I have also included one specifically for cat lovers.

Family Fun

From the Web Site:

Thank you for inquiring about freelance opportunities at FamilyFun, the country’s number one magazine for families with children ages three to twelve. Founded in 1991 and with a circulation now exceeding 1.45 million, our publication celebrates all the fun things families can do together, from throwing parties and making crafts to taking trips and cooking great food. Our goal is to inspire families to spend time together by providing the sure-fire ideas and activities that will make that time a success. In other words, we take fun seriously. Please note that our heavy emphasis on activities and ideas distinguishes us from other parenting and family magazines (as one of our descriptive slogans points out, we provide “100% activities for 100% fun”). This format means that we are always looking for freelancers who are experts in the art of being a fun-loving, creative parent.

We accept submissions by standard mail from published writers. Queries should describe the content, structure, and tone of the proposed article. Since we receive many queries on the same topics, please be as specific as possible about what makes your idea unique and your qualifications to write it. If appropriate, include photographs or sketches of the finished project, food, or craft. Also, with each query, please enclose two or three relevant clips for our review. Unfortunately, we no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts for feature stories. We will continue to accept manuscripts for the following departments: Family Traveler, Family Almanac, Family Ties, and My Great Idea (please note department on envelope). Unless otherwise indicated below, articles are scheduled and assigned at least five months in advance of their publication date. We generally take at least four to eight weeks to respond and regret that we cannot, under any circumstance, consider queries over the telephone. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with correct postage for our response to your query.


Our features present activities that are entertaining for the whole family, relatively inexpensive, and easy to do. The specific topics include food, crafts, parties, holiday celebrations, sports, games, creative solutions to common household problems, and educational projects. Our travel features highlight moderately priced destinations, generally within the United States, that offer an exceptional value and specifically cater to the needs of families. Similarly, our food features present recipes that have a proven track record with families, dishes that are fun both to make and to eat. In all our articles, our style is upbeat, personal, and straightforward. Features generally run 850 to 3,000 words and pay $1.25 per word upon acceptance.

Please direct queries to Features, Food, or Travel Editor.


Family Almanac provides readers with simple, fun, practical, and inexpensive ideas and projects (outings, crafts, games, nature activities, learning activities, kid-friendly recipes, and so on). Its tone is direct and cheerful. We read both freelance manuscripts and queries for Family Almanac. Pieces are assigned from 100 to 300 words; we pay $1 per word upon acceptance. We also pay $50 to $75 for ideas in the event that we decide to use a staff writer.

Please direct submissions to Cindy Littlefield, Senior Editor.

Family Ties is a first-person column that lets our writers speak parent-to-parent to our readers about the distinctive pleasures, humor, frustrations, and struggles of family life. The topics vary from column to column, but at the heart of each essay is insight into the emotional relationship between the writer and his or her children. Family Ties runs 1,300 words and pays $1,500 upon acceptance.

Please direct submissions to Kathy Whittemore, Senior Editor.

Family Traveler consists of brief, newsy items about family travel — what’s new, what’s great, and especially, what’s a good deal. We cover festivals, civic and cultural events, museum exhibits, family hotel packages, state and national park programs, and more. We also present longer (up to 1,500 words), highly formatted articles on road trips, city weekends, and roundups of themed attractions or destinations. Because we are budget-conscious, we rarely cover international travel or expensive American resorts or programs. We read freelance manuscripts for Family Traveler and pay $100 upon acceptance for 100- to 125-word pieces. We pay $1.25 per word upon acceptance for all Family Traveler articles. We also pay $50 for ideas in the event that we decide to use a staff writer.

Please direct submissions to Jodi Butler, Editorial Assistant.

My Great Idea showcases a practical, innovative idea that the writer used to solve a common household problem: a chart that got the kids excited about doing chores, say, or a trick that persuaded some reluctant letter writers to keep up their correspondence with Grandpa. Each essay also presents the story of how this Great Idea changed or inspired the family. The column runs 800 to 1,000 words, and pays $1250 upon acceptance. We consider ideas in query, letter, or manuscript form.

Please direct submissions to Dawn Chipman, Senior Editor.

In addition, following the column we publish My Great Idea: From Our Readers, which consists of ideas and solutions from writers and readers. These too showcase simple, clever ideas that solve common household problems, but they are presented in an abbreviated format with less narrative detail. My Great Idea: From Our Readers runs 100 to 150 words and pays $50 upon publication.

Charlotte Parent

From the Web Site:

Charlotte Parent is a monthly parenting magazine with a circulation of 57,000 covering seven counties. Each issue has a theme, as well as regular features and departments. Our audience consists of parents, teachers, child-care providers and other advocates for children ages newborn through teens.

We welcome submissions from freelance writers. Our policy is to buy one-time print rights with exclusivity within our region and the right to post the story on our Web site. Reprints of articles from publications outside our region are also considered. We run several feature articles on topics related to our monthly theme. Features require thorough research (citing a minimum of three reliable sources), knowledge of our audience and concise interviewing and writing skills. Articles on topics other than the issue’s theme are also considered. We prefer articles and essays with local relevance. Word counts range from 500 to 1,200 words.

Pays $45-$75 per article, following publication.

I Love Cats

From the Web Site:

I am always interested in new ideas for I Love Cats and request that you either send a paragraph or two about your idea or the finished piece. When using the postal service, ALWAYS include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a return address.

If accepted, I will request the story be sent via e-mail.

I am now accepting email queries and completed stories at [email protected].

If you prefer, completed manuscripts to be delivered by mail to I Love Cats, c/o Lisa Allmendinger, Editor, 16 Meadow Hill Lane, Armonk, NY 10504.

I do not want poetry (as I seldom publish it) but I am interested in feature stories about cats and their owners, (no talking cats, please), interesting or odd happenings with cats, tips for cat owners, health issues, nonfiction pieces, behavior problems, that sort of thing. Please do not send stories about cats that go or live outdoors.

I’m looking for a story–preferably with photos or drawings–that is 1,000 words, tops, ideally 500-800 words. I buy all rights, since we copyright all stories.

You also must sign a consent form, which spells out all resale questions. I pay $50. Payment is upon publication.

Nonfiction pieces $50. Color photos or .jpegs are always a plus, as I am usually in need of art to illustrate a story.

Short fillers are also welcome and payment is $25.

We go to press about four months ahead of the publication date and I am now looking at stories for 2009 and beyond. So, please keep that in mind when submitting stories, especially seasonal ones.

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