Thank a Writer Today

picture-3By Terreece M. Clarke

Is there a writer whose blog you follow religiously? Did you read an article recently that you enjoyed and thought was well-written? What about one of your Tweeps (Twitter friends) that consistently keeps you informed or in good spirits? Take the time to send them a thank you.

We’ve talked about keeping in touch with editors and clients to maintain a good relationship and visibility, but it isn’t too often that writers are told to thank their fellow champions in type. The benefits are two-fold.

While incredibly competitive, writers are a group people, we tend to fall in with other writers and make friends usually through sharing our struggles with the published word. It’s always important to make a writing connection, not only for the camaraderie, but for the professional perks. It works almost the same way it does with editors and clients, you stay visible and when something comes up or an editor is looking for someone like you, your writing buddy will remember they know a guy who knits and writes about it.

Professional connections are important, but more importantly, thanking a writer is good for the soul. The biggest perks from my writing gigs is not the paycheck (though without them I’d be much more grumpy), the “get-in-free” press passes to events and information, or even the “work in my Halloween costume” privileges. It is receiving recognition of a job well done.

When a reader or fellow writer takes the time to email or comment online to say they enjoyed an article/blog it is as good as gold to me. Everyone wants to feel like they are making a difference with their work – maybe writers more than others because we deal with rejection and less than gung-ho reactions so often.

I suspect even Harlan Ellison would rank a kudos from a fellow profession pretty high on his list. You’d still have to pay him, don’t get me wrong, but I think he’d like it anyway. So today, take a moment and thank a writer.

Want to thank a writer for all the web to read? Thank your favorite writers below! Don’t forget to send them a link so they can see your kudos themselves.


  1. Abby Heugel says

    It’s very odd that you post this today, because just as I was checking this site out I had the thought that I’m a bit obsessive about it. I wait for the next article like a dog waiting for the next Milkbone. I love the columns from all the contributors here and even though I haven’t found any freelance work yet, I have gained quite a bit of insight from each and every feature.

    If nothing else, I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to share their experiences, opinions and insights on this site.

  2. says


    I thank folks quite often over on my blog…even mentioned you on getting your new gig here at Deb Ng’s Freelance:) if you have a moment sometime, take a stroll over, love to have ya visit!


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