Freelance Writing Jobs for Sunday, March 1, 2009


Here’s some interesting food for thought: My first paid blogging gig wasn’t for a blog network. It was for a major cable women’s network and I was paid $500 for 200 words a week. That’s $500 for 800 words a month. Nowadays, of course, most blog networks are struggling.

I’ll be doing a series at Network Blogging Tips on whether or not one can really earn a living as a blogger for hire, but in the mean time I’m always interested in your thoughts and experiences. Do you blog for a living? If so is it for a network or individual – and is the pay enough that the ends justify the means?

What many brand new bloggers don’t realize is that blogging requires a lot more than typing up the required amount of words. It also involves promotion, community management and more. So if you’re paid $1 per blog post, are you doing $1 worth of work?

Just something to think about.

Keep those success stories coming! And since it’s the first of the month and the mortgage is due, and since I was under the weather for much of last week, here is a nice long list of Sunday leads.

  1. Of Greetings and Eco Stuff
  2. Freelance PR Writer – Herndon VA
  3. Press Release Writer – Carlsbad
  4. Restaurant Reviewer – St. Louis
  5. Freelance Travel Writers
  6. Freelance Editorial Manager – NYC – $65K
  7. Freelance Resume Writer
  8. Writers for Celebrity Interest Magazine
  9. FlyHub is Looking for Travel Bloggers – $10 per post
  10. Real Estate Loft Blogger – $250/month
  11. Fashion Blogger/Writer for The Budget Fashionista
  12. Freelance Print Designer/Copy Writer
  13. Freelance Writer for Text Broker – $25/post
  14. Freelance Brochure Copywriter for Travel Company
  15. Ghostwriter Needed for Autobiography
  16. Crafts Book Editor
  17. Part Time News Writer
  18. Freelance Writers Wanted – $30+/article
  19. English Blog Writer
  20. Freelance News Writer – Los Angeles
  21. Innovative Textbook Writer
  22. Writers/Columnists Wanted
  23. Telecom Editor – Telecommute OK
  24. Business Plan Writer – Boston/Fenway
  25. Writer Needed ASAP – Manila
  26. Script for Game Tutorial – $15-$20/hour
  27. Female Movie Reviewer – Atlanta
  28. Looking to Build a Team of Writers
  29. Last Minute B2B Web Copy Gig – $40/hour
  30. Seeking editor to Critique Partial Novel
  31. Ghost Writer/Screen Writer
  32. Ghost/Co-Writer Wanted – $500
  33. Chicago Based Blogger
  34. Web Content Creators
  35. Jokes Wanted
  36. Grant Writer
  37. Bilingual Writers – $20+ per review
  38. Education Writer Needed – $20/hour
  39. Technical Writer Needed – Dallas/Addison
  40. Writing Needed – Vague ad
  41. Freelance Author Wanted
  42. Innovative Textbook Writer
  43. Ghostwriters for Fantasy/SciFi Novels – $30,000 budget
  44. Fantasy Baseball Writer
  45. Los Angeles Writers
  46. Business Plan Needed
  47. Writer/Editor Needed
  48. Korean Article Writer
  49. Writer – Politics and Legal
  50. Gay Writers
  51. Magazine Writer
  52. Education Writer Needed – $20/hour
  53. Newsletter Editor/Writer – $150 – $200
  54. Business Plan/Presentation Writer – Venice CA
  55. Writer Needed for Real Estate Book – $12/hr
  56. Interior Design Bloggers
  57. Writing/Editing Job – $200/per project
  58. Online Content Review Writers – $50/per
  59. Wanted: The Dear Abby of Consumer Electronics
  60. Web Copywriting Pro Sought for New Media Startup – Doesn’t specify freelance or not – so ask at negotiation.
  61. Village Voice Seeks Food Blogger – NYC
  62. Freelance Content Creation for Energy Website – $200 – $400/assignment
  63. Writer/Blogger Watned
  64. Telecom Editor
  65. Writers Wanted – $50/short story
  66. Business Plan Writer – $1,000+
  67. Bloggers Wanted – $10/post
  68. Freelance Writer for Sales Letter
  69. Business Plan Writer
  70. Patent Writer
  71. Editor Needed to Turn Blog Into Book
  72. New Magazine/New to the Web
  73. Seeking a Person to Do Research Online
  74. Gawkeresque Blog Launching Soon
  75. Musician’s Bio
  76. Professional Science Copyeditor – $35 – $45
  77. Contract Technical Writer – Alameda
  78. Contract Technical Writer – Palo Alto
  79. Editing/Research Jobs – 3 week gig – DC
  80. Energy & Water Conservation Community Specialist – DC
  81. Proposal Writer – Cleared – Fairfax VA
  82. Freelance Proposal Writer/Editors – DC

Good luck and stay very close for some exciting news!


  1. Connie says


    Wow, thanks for the Sunday leads!!!

    I hope you feel better too!

    I do blog for a living. I’ve worked as a blogger for the last two years, and I have never had trouble finding gigs that paid the bills. The majority of them came as leads from this site. Thank you!

    I have not found blog networks to be the way to go – the pay is too low to justify my time investment.

  2. AprilMay says

    Wow! Thank you for the Sunday leads!! I blog for an individual. It pays $35 per post (for however many words I wish to type…I average around 300) and I don’t have to promote it, although I do have to monitor and reply to comments.

    For me, it’s worth it, because I can usually whip out a good post in around 20-30 minutes.

  3. Erika says

    I also hve a couple if gigs that pay $30 per post. I have the same responsibilities that AprilMay mentioned. Some posts that would require a good deal of accuracy and terminology or avout a specific person, I know I need to spend more time on. Others I can just let it flow and I have plenty (sometimes 2 post’s worth) in a short time.

    I’m thankfully not the primary breadwinner of our household – this wouldn’t cut it! But I can bring in a noticeable amount of money and do the stay at home mom things that I am at home for. It is a good rate for me, though I’d be happy to find a rate like $500 for 800 words. Holy moley! I don’t think many people would be complaining if rates were like they used to be (before my time as a freelancer).

    Thanks for your efforts – hope Spring blows all the germs out of people’s houses soon.

  4. says

    Pay was a whole lot better in the 90’s. I mean a WHOLE lot better. But in those days, blogging didn’t exist. So the pay was for products for which the client (corp, non-profit, etc.) had budgeted.

    Back in those olden golden days, there was money flying around for all kinds of fun publications, too.


    Keep your eyes off the stock ticker.


  5. Ashley says

    Great leads Deb! I ended up getting one. Though it isn’t a big payer it adequate for the amount of work. Either way it helps pay the bills so that makes momma happy!


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