Monday Markets for March 23, 2009

This week’s edition of Monday Markets includes an in-flight magazine for a regional airline and a mag that focuses on families. The third item is an example of a community newsletter that publishes submissions from freelance writers.

Horizon Air Magazine

From the Web Site:

Horizon Air Magazine is the monthly in-flight magazine for Horizon Air, reaching more than 584,000 travelers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California and Western Canada each month. Our target audience is business travelers, the majority of whom are between the ages of 35 and 54. To serve those travelers, we’ve positioned Horizon Air Magazine as a regional business and travel publication, covering the companies, people, issues and trends that define the Northwest as a community and as a world player. We strive to produce an informative and entertaining magazine with superior writing and striking photography.

We look for writing with vivid images, anecdotes and a strong narrative flow. We are always looking for writers of national magazine caliber, who can cover business and travel with style and insight. Horizon Air Magazine is 80 percent freelance written.

The best way for writers to get started with us is to send clips of published work (photo copies are fine) and a well-written query, including a sample lead that represents the direction, tone and style proposed for the story. The query should demonstrate advance research and original thought on the part of the writer.

Rates start at $100 for news articles and short pieces. Features are paid at $450 for 2,000-2,500 words. Pays on publication.

Metro Family

From the Web Site:

MetroFamily Magazine is dedicated to informing parents and empowering families. The goal of our features, departments, and columns is to educate, inspire, and uplift readers.

About Submitting
E-mail submissions are preferred. Send to [email protected] We purchase one-time print rights and web rights. We work 2-3 months in advance so plan feature queries/submissions accordingly.

About Formatting

• Send articles in the body of your e-mail. If the article is chosen for publication, I may ask if it is available as a Word document.
• In a series of three or more terms and a single conjunction, use a comma after each term except the last. Example: Sarah doesn’t own a pig, a rat, or a bird.
• Please, only one space following a period.
• Include a word count, including sidebar(s), at the top right corner of your first page.

About Writing
Leads: An interesting, compelling lead into each story is critical. Just like us, our readers have work to do, meals to prepare, and kids to tend. We must seduce them into reading.
Humor: Bring it on! If you can lighten a “heavy” story with some appropriate levity, by all means do so.
Surprises: Try to put one in every piece you write. Startle readers with an unexpected statistic or raise eyebrows with a surprising outcome.
Length: Keep it short. Our features rarely run over 1,000 words, including sidebars.
Layering: Many people don’t read, they flip. Each story needs to be layered so that even someone scanning the page can take away an important fact or idea. Include suggested pullout quotes, subheads, bulleted items, and/or sidebars.
Art: Photographs grab readers’ attention, so we want to include them whenever possible. If you have photos or leads for photos, please pass that information along as early in the writing process as possible.

Pays $25 for up to 400 words; $35-$50 for up to 900 words, on publication.

Ithaca Community News

ICN welcomes news tips and ideas, as well as submissions from local freelance journalists. Before submitting your story or idea, please read these guidelines. Unsolicited submissions may not be read or used, and are liable to editing to meet these guidelines. Thank you.

ICN plans to publish 2-4 short, newsy articles (300-500 words max) with each new issue of the newsletter. We will occasionally publish exposes of larger issues- please query these ideas first.

All news stories concern at least one of the following:

  • the local environment and sustainability practices;
  • labor (workplace) news;
  • human rights issues;
  • civil rights issues;
  • health care;
  • peace activism;
  • public transportation;
  • local political meetings or events.

All stories focus on local issues, people and/or events, and are written in the third person.

ICN does NOT publish poetry, fiction, personal essays, or academic works such as research papers. Currently, we do not accept guest opinion pieces.

ICN DOES publish profiles of local artists, activists, alternative business leaders and health care practitioners, as well as homeless people, the downtrodden, or others on the fringe of society. To be considered for a profile piece, please submit a brief paragraph outlining your (or your subject’s) achievements and why you think a profile of this person should go in ICN. You must be willing to provide a photo for the web site. Profiles are 500 words maximum.

Pays $25 for short pieces (300-500 words). Fees for longer pieces are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


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    I particularly like the opportunity with Ithaca. As a freelance writer with Associated Content, I am tons and tons of ideas and writing concepts with regard to healthcare. Thanks for sharing the opportunity!


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