Monday Markets for March 30, 2009

This week’s Monday Markets feature a magazine for diving enthusiasts, people interested in the sport of fly fishing, and one that focuses on folklore in Saskatchewan. I wasn’t specifically looking for three Canadian magazines this week; it just happened to work out that these happen to be Canadian publications.

Diver Magazine

From the Web Site:

Subject Preferences: Well written and illustrated Canadian and North American regional dive destination articles. Most travel articles are committed up to a year in advance and there is limited scope for new material. No payment for travel feature-but will give extended complimentary subscription.

Submission: with illustrations should be e-mailed or on CD-PC or Mac in MS Word, with a hard copy. Must be concise and clear; other materials enclosed should be marked for easy identification and reference. Only complete articles as described with illustrations will be considered. Package only one completed article per submission to Diver Magazine, 241 East 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1B4.

Length: Between 500 and 1000 words. Well illustrated, shorter pieces are preferred.

Pays $2.50 per column inch, $15 for photos.

The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine

From the Web Site:

1. The focus of writing will be distinctly Canadian. This does not necessarily mean that the author or the location being written about have to be Canadian: what is important is that there is a clear and uncontrived Canadian connection.

2. Writing should generate a strong sense of place and experience.

3. The text should be information-rich and aimed at the average to above average fly fisher, except for “The Absolute Beginner”.

4. Local and regional information on fishing and tying should, wherever possible, be extended to regions and situations beyond the place of the article’s origin.

5. Advertorial should be avoided, although references to brand-name equipment and specific lodges or guides, etc. can be used where they are appropriately integral to the text.

6. Where possible and appropriate, diagrams and sketches should be provided to illustrate technique. Artistic merit is not a factor here, as we have our own graphic artists who can work from rough sketches.

7. Maps should be provided wherever appropriate. Commercially produced maps with key features highlighted are particularly useful. We will use these to customize maps for the article.

8. First-time writers must include a bio of 50-70 words.

9. Features range from 1800-2500 words. “Wandering Aengus” and similar shorter pieces range from 700-900 words. Occasionally, we use very short fillers.

Pays $150-$300 for major pieces and $100-$200 for shorter ones, within 60 days of publication.

Folklore Magazine

From the Web Site:

In keeping with SHFS’s mandate to gather, preserve and share the history and folklore of the area now known as Saskatchewan, every submission must be original and have Saskatchewan historical content. In each issue, we prefer a balance covering these three categories:


“All people are ‘Folk’ and thus all people have ‘Folklore.'” (Michael Taft, folklorist, Discovering Saskatchewan Folklore).

  • Stories of people, events, beliefs, rituals, legends, tales, songs, music, dances, medicine, etc.
  • Stories of First Nations people, especially by First Nations authors.
  • Stories of the Métis, especially by Métis authors.
  • Stories of pre-settlement days, e.g. early ranching.
  • Stories of cultural roots transplanted from countries of origin and/or the other provinces of Canada to Saskatchewan. The point of view for such stories still needs to be Saskatchewan. The stories should not be about the life in the “old country”, rather how this life or culture affected life in Saskatchewan.


  • History seeks to establish facts.
  • Factual accounts, researched and verified by bibliography:
  • First Nations habitation of the land, Metis hunters, early explorations, etc.
  • Early ranching, settlement on homesteads, the development of villages, towns and cities.
  • Biographies.
  • Historical non-fiction.


  • Folkloric or historical.

Pays $1.50 per printed column-inch of text and “complementary visual support.” Buys First North American or Canadian Serial Rights.


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