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Good morning folks, not a huge update today, but it’s going to be in the ’80’s and as much as I love you all, I can think of better things to do with my time than trolling for leads. I hope you’re taking some time for you as well!

How do you like our tweaks? Lara Kulpa, FWJ’s resident techie is working to make this a more user friendly experience. (Thanks, Lara) This blog is the first in the network to be tweaked, so let us know your thoughts. The front page navigation should be a lot more user friendly especially those category boxes! Also, each blog in the network is getting a new header and color scheme so they’re all set apart from the rest. Do let us know your thoughts!

Hey…did you catch 15 People and Places to Follow on Twitter to Find Freelance Writing Jobs?


Have a great weekend, friends.

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  1. says

    Thank you! Enjoy your lovely day. We are on our second day of rain after a very long dry season, we`re enjoying cozying up in the house. 😀

  2. says

    Hi Deb:

    I’m fairly new to your site so pardon my ignorance. Where do you live (with the 80 degrees)? I live in San Diego where weather rules supreme! Can’t blame you a bit for taking time out to enjoy. At least for me, a big part of leaving corporate America to freelance was to take the time to enjoy life. I still work hard but it’s on my terms. I want to thank you for your job postings. I find it very generous & most helpful! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. says

    Awh, thanks for the mention, Deb! It’s already up over 70 here and it’s not even 1030am! YAY for NorthEast SUNSHINE, right!?

    Just tidying things up around here this morning and then off to enjoy the weather myself… have a beautiful day!

  4. says

    On a side note it’s been cold and rainy here for the last two days, so we’ve been staying inside as much as possible. Enjoying it though because soon enough it’ll be hot hot hot :)

  5. Jenn says

    I like the new look to the site, though I haven’t been on here as much as I used to as I haven’t had the best of luck with finding gigs. And it gets me frustrated when I keep seeing that Demand Studios is hiring writers, yet I have had my application on there for around 2 months and everytime I log on to the site it says that there are currently no positions that fit my expertise. But I’ll see all these open writing jobs listed on the site that I know I could do! I updated my application, added additional writing samples and experience, and filled out my W9 form, so I don’t know what else is left for me to do.

    I have also seen people from comments on FWG who have both praised DemandStudios and criticized them, so I really don’t know what to think.

  6. says

    Hi there, been lurking for a while now. Checking out job leads everyday to try to break in somewhere as I am new to freelancing and don’t have any experience yet. Need experience to get a job but can’t get experience without the job. I’m sure most of you have been there before.

    Two questions, I noticed several job leads require you to register with Mediabistro. Is that a safe site, reputable? Second one is Demand Studios? Same concerns.

    Thanks in advance for the help! Happy Satruday to you all.

  7. says

    media bistro is free, and just requires that you register in order to check out leads. No strings attached, it’s safe, so no worries there.

    As far as Demand Studios goes…I’m not sure why you are having troubles, Jenn. They approved my application within about a week, and I’ve been LOVING the jobs. The only problem is I’ve been so swamped with other work I haven’t had the time to do as much as I’d like. But the beauty of it is that you can pull projects on subject matter that you know. For example, my particular niche with which I am most comfortable stems from my 15+ years in the construction industry. I’m able to pop on and do 4-5 how-to articles in an hour, and at 15 dollars an article, it’s great supplement cash. And I’ve always gotten paid within 4-5 days of the articles being written.

    My suggestion Jenn would be to simply pick ALL categories for your expertise, and if you haven’t heard back in a week or two, send a query e-mail to customer service to find out what’s going on. There’s no way they can’t have any work for your area. As of today they had nearly 400 thousand USD worth of projects in the pool, in all areas. For example, my particular niche has anywhere from 12-15 pages of articles ready to be written, and I just pop over when I have spare time and do a couple of them…it’s a sweet way to rack up an extra few hundred per month. I’ve actually been debating using them as my primary source of income and everyone else as secondary, because it’s such a great gig and FAST payments.

    So yes, Robyn, it’s worth it to sign up for Mediabistro and Demand Studios. Bistro is just another writing gig site, while Demand Studios is an actual content site. If I had to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give them a 10. Great pay, fast turn-around, and if you know your niche you can easily make 1500 or so a month just doing 5-6 hours a week worth of work. Of course, if you have to research the topic, it can drop the rates considerably, but if you stick with what you know, it’s extremely lucrative.

  8. Colleen says

    Heya Deb!
    Love the new color scheme! I saw the purple links and my eyes were very happy. :0)
    And, as always, thanks for the leads!

  9. says

    Depends on your view of low-paying, Krista. I’ve yet to make below 60 dollars per hour with Demand Studios. I wouldn’t call that low paying in any sense of the word.

  10. Anne G. says

    @Jenn – I have the same problem. They hired me a few months back when they were hiring travel writers, I was a travel agent for four years, so I definitely have the expertise. Since then, they always say they have no work that falls into my expertise.

    I’ve contacted them and the first time they said it was because they hadn’t received my W-9, which I resent and they finally acknowledged they have it. The next time, they said I hadn’t signed the updated contract, so I did that. Now they say they denied my application as a writer, so I have no idea what’s going on and I’m kind of tired of the run around.

  11. Shannon says

    Hello everyone. I applied to Demand studios and recieved a reply this morning. I was approved and when I went on the site to set up my profile, I realized that they only accept US citizens. I am a Canadian Citizen as stated on my application… this added alittle ARG to my day, but no worries, but just wish I could have saved myself the time, effort and the anticipation.

    Have a good day.

  12. Anne G. says

    Re: Nine Smart Writers/Conjecture – I got a form letter back today stating they’re overwhelmed with applications and have chosen the applicants they wish to test further. Then they suggested those who didn’t make the cut sign up at Associated Content and sites of that nature but go on to state, they’ve never been to those sites so they are not sure of the reliability or quality. I suppose the effort’s nice, but I guess I would never think of recommending a site I’d never used.

  13. Krista says

    @ T.W. – In my view, anything under $.10/word is low paying. But it’s not like I just pulled that number out of the air. Do some research on standard industry rates – you’ll find out even $0.10/word is low.

    Also, I started out the way you did – whipping off a few articles an hour. The problem with that is that you’ll burn out after a while. You need to find higher-paying work if you plan to do this long term.

  14. says

    All depends on your point of view. 50 dollars an hour is a freaking AWESOME wage for the vast majority of people across the entire US. Considering the median income for an average citizen is 40k, that means most people are making between 20 and 25 dollars an hour. That’s the “average”. People working at 7-11 make less, people working in a specialized area make more. If a person like myself can come in and make 50 dollars an hour, that’s double the income of the “average” citizen, and as far as I’m concerned, burnout has nothing to do with it. If I’m happy with what I’m doing, then that’s all that matters.

    If you are one of those who can regularly find work for more than 50 dollars an hour, than kudos to you. But if you look at the statistics, making 50 dollars an hour as an average wage is double what the normal citizen makes, which means that while you might think it’s low, the average citizen is going to be jumping for joy at the chance to make such money. The last time I checked that wasn’t anything to sneer at.

    I appreciate your concern, but believe me, I’ve already done the research :) I spent 6 years prior to getting into freelancing studying the markets and planning my transition. I’m only a year and a half into it so far and I’m currently breaking the 30 dollar an hour threshold fairly regularly (up from 25 an hour during the last couple of months), and next month I should be breaking 50 dollars an hour without breaking a sweat. My secret? I don’t look at how much per word or how much per article a job pays. I look at it and go “what does it take to hit my goal?”, and then do exactly that, and I continue to climb the ladder.

    Too many people get wrapped up in what “is” or “isn’t” fair or low paying or high paying. It’s all relevant to the individual. Keep your eye on the prize, on the end goal, and do whatever it takes to get there.

    Sir Richard Branson spent the first few years of his life selling bootleg vinyls out of the back of his car. Now he’s the owner of the Virgin brand and a billionaire to boot. Do you think he squabbled over what was or wasn’t a fair wage when he was getting started? Or did he keep his eye on the prize and do whatever it takes to get to that goal?

    I suppose it’s all up to the individual. Best of luck in your job hunt :) I know I’m having the time of my life!

  15. says

    @ Anne:

    Don’t waste your time with Associated Content. They have very little paying work. It’s basically a “sign up for free, post anything you want, and the more visits your articles get, the more you get paid”. They only have a select few articles that you get paid to write; everything else is people writing whatever they want, for free, with no editing, and praying that people click on their articles. Not something you can even remotely consider if you want to make more than 50 cents a month =P

  16. Krista says

    @ T.W. – You have your opinions, and it’s obvious from every post of yours I’ve read NOTHING will change them. :)

    Best wishes with your career.

  17. says

    T. W. Anderson says:
    April 28, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    Don’t waste your time with Associated Content.

    This from someone who made it a point to rail on Deb for being presumptuous enough decide what is a low paying job and what isn’t?


    It takes all kinds I suppose. :)

  18. says

    I’m a newbie. Neither Associated Content or Helium is below me. In fact, I’m going to use a Squidoo lens to highlight some of my articles on both for my portfolio. It’s all in what you are trying to accomplish.

  19. Anne G. says

    @T.W. – When I first started three years ago, I used Associated Content and one of the articles I wrote was purchased for an employment magazine, so there can be some good that comes from that site. Since then, they reorganized and I no longer bother.

    My point though was that the employer was recommending that “great writers” go to a list of sites that he/she claimed to know nothing about other than the link he/she provided. Makes me question if there isn’t an affiliate partnership going on.

  20. says

    Sounds like affiliate to me.

    Interesting to know AC used to provide such services. I know when I first looked at them last year I blew it off because it was a non-paying site. I wonder what made them change.

  21. says

    Not for nothing, but if there’s no link with an affiliate code in it, then they don’t get anything for suggesting you go there. Let’s not go getting too paranoid or start developing conspiracy theories here now.

    I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume it was just a suggestion that was made as an alternative since they have no room at this point for taking on anyone new. I’ve looked, and I don’t even see AC offering any kind of “affiliate program” anywhere – so that more than cements it for me that it was just an abstract suggestion and nothing more.

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