Don't Abandon Your Job Search When the Weather Heats Up

I’ve been following a discussion on a message board where freelancers are talking about their plans for the summer and cutting back on their work load. I do think it’s important to take some time so that you can rest and regroup, I don’t think that you should take the summer off as far as looking for freelance writing work is concerned.

From my time spent trolling for leads, I remember that things did tend to slow down a bit over the summer, but there were always some opportunities available. When my usual haunts looked like they were a bit slow, I took it as a challenge to find other sources and dig a little deeper for places to find work.

Even though some businesses are slower in the summer, it doesn’t mean that everything comes to a standstill. Forward-thinking clients who are looking to hire freelancers for work in the fall may start looking for applicants over the summer. Some clients need writers all year round, and advertise no matter what time of year it happens to be.

There’s another good reason to keep on looking for freelance writing gigs in the summer: if a number of your colleagues are working less, there is less competition for the gigs that are available.

Do you keep looking for work all year round, or do you back off on your search during the summer months?


  1. Phil says

    Another point: It typically takes some time to land clients. I spent a lot of time searching during a terribly slow summer two years ago, and landed my biggest current client — more than $40,000 in billings so far. If I wasn’t hunting in the summer, I’d be looking at foreclosure.

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