Freelance Writing Jobs for April 28, 2009


I’m not sure how long this unseasonably warm weather will last, but I’m enjoying it while I can. I’ve been working from my back deck enjoying the fresh air after being cooped up for the last several months. Freelance writers are portable. We can take our laptops and travel anywhere we want. I’ve been known to get stuff done at piano lessons, the park and I’m a fixture at the local coffee shop. Where do you go to work when you don’t want to deal with the same old scenery?


Good luck!

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  1. Anne G. says

    Re: Freelance Writer/Linfo – I’d be curious if anyone has gotten anywhere with this company. I applied a month ago when they first posted and did what they asked – signed up and posted five business profiles/reviews for my area to get a feel for their system. The editor told me they would be in touch with information on regular jobs the following day, and I never heard another word.

    Like Deb, I’m outside. Quite seriously, it was 92 yesterday here in Northern Vermont at 4pm. Hot to the point that my husband grumbled he needed to put the A/C in the bedroom because he’d never sleep without it. Our bedroom was 85 when I went to bed, and that was with the windows wide open. I talked him out of it because it’s supposed to be a high of 60 and a low of 30 tomorrow and high-40s, low-50s by the weekend.. This weather is definitely not going to last.

  2. says

    Maybe I’m too old-fashioned, but I can’t imagine working anywhere except at my desk. I dislike typing on a laptop and scrunching up in a lawn chair, balancing a laptop, and trying to give my clients the best writing I can give them doesn’t sound like it meshes. So I’m hot, sitting in my office with the fans going, but at least I can focus. I hear you though about the weather – I’m definitely sneaking out more to poke around the garden and see what’s coming up!

  3. Brock Cooper says

    It’s currently 60 and rainy here in Illinois. I am freezing my butt off and looking forward to warmer and dryer temperatures.

  4. says

    I’m in Idaho and we had gorgeous mid-80s last week and now drizzle. One thing I’ve been doing lately is taking an old spiral notebook to my daughter’s ballet class and just writing freeform. I try not to work on anything assigned while I’m there since I’ll inevitably need to look up something online and get frustrated that I don’t have my laptop, but it’s a great way to unleash my creativity and get to all those “sometime” projects. You never know where those may lead. Of course, by the time they get to the “tap” portion of class, I’m automatically done because trying to keep my train of thought going with that racket is impossible! Still, it’s a good 30 minutes of creative writing and brainstorming and I’ll take that for now.

  5. says

    I’m currently on the hunt for the ideal shed to have converted into an on-site yet kinda’ off-site office in the backyard. I thought I was genius for coming up with it but it turns out that loads of people are doing it and it’s actually a HUGE business in the UK! Crazy!

    I figure that will give me a nice little getaway from the usual while still keeping me close to home. Will be lovely for those sunny days or late nights when the sound of the hubby snoring in another room starts to make me too sleepy to pull a much needed all-nighter.

    Aside from that, I’ve written on the deck, at the beach, in the car…everywhere and anywhere as the workload requires.

  6. says

    When we’re in DC, I generally stay around the house to work – too many distractions at the bookstore coffeehouse. I’m very comfortable at the sunny kitchen table – nice surface for the laptop mouse. Sometimes I work on the front porch if I can use the touchpad for what I’m doing.

    Last summer we worked from various places in New England for five weeks. The tables on the lawn at the motel in Kennebunkport were the best place I found. And we always knocked off mid-afternoon to take the dog to the beach at high tide …

    No such thing planned this summer, unfortunately …

  7. says

    The weather is delightful in northern California. I never complain until it’s over 105, yikes. I love writing a home, but will take my notepad with me just in case I get an idea.

  8. says

    I live in Denver, but I’m spending the month in NYC – so I can totally relate to you Deb. I’m not used to the humidity and 90 degrees at the same time, and it’s killing me! Denver does get hot in the summer, but it’s a very dry heat that’s more manageable (and less sticky!)

    I love going to Starbucks to work. I like to have background noise, and working at a coffeeshop is the closest I can get to reminding myself of my old office. I also have a good friend who works for an airline, so he gets me buddy passes and I travel a lot and work from other cities when I get bored (like I’m currently doing in NY). I’m in Phoenix, Minneapolis, Washington DC, and New York very frequently.

  9. zak says

    I am new to this freelance writing gig and I LOVE IT! I agree going to starbucks and writing the day away is super. I currently write and get most of my jobs from does anyone have as site that works for them that they wouldnt mind sharing?

  10. HB says

    @Anne G.–

    Believe it or not, I live a couple of towns away from you. I’ve been meaning to try to get in touch with you via FWJ, but then either you weren’t posting or I wasn’t checking here. Anyway, send me an email if you feel like it and we can commiserate! vermontgirl @ myfairpoint dot net

  11. says

    I lived in the Denver area for 10 years before moving overseas. Dry heat is much more manageable than humidity. I grew up in Missouri but hadn’t been in years and went back to visit family and I was in agony over 95 degree heat with 95% humidity. You sweat standing still in the shade.

    Sofia is great (here in Bulgaria). It’s a dry heat, similar to Denver. It’s located in a bowl in the foothills, so there’s mountains in nearly every direction. It gets hot here…mid-upper 90s in the summer, with an occasional day or two of 100+, but it’s easy to deal with because it’s a dry heat.

    I prefer working in the comforts of my office. I like to be comfortable in my chair, with the AC going, and little/no distractions going on around me. I sometimes listen to music while I’m working, but I generally like it quiet and peaceful. Depends on the project. Sometimes if I’m cruising along I’ll tune in to Shoutcast or listen to an album, but it has to be a relatively no-brainer project. Generally I like to focus on what I’m doing. I’ve timed myself in the past and I can generally average 1500 words per hour if I’m 100% focused, but the moment music starts playing my rate drops to around 800 words per minute because I get sidetracked by the music :)

  12. says

    Haha, Matt. Me, too.

    I believe we’re in the pleasant phase of cool, pleasant, warm, hot in San Diego. I always wish that the pleasant & warm phases last longer than the hot. The cool phase is kind of a blip, most years. :)

  13. says

    LoL @ Becky! I live in East County so I see some extremes. My wife is just now starting to ride her motorcycle to work again, but still complains when she gets home. :)

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