Freelance Writing Jobs for Saturday, April 18, 2009


I’d like to apologize for including a few clunkers in yesterday’s list. Freelance Writing Jobs has a policy never to post jobs under $10, jobs from term paper mills and other insulting gigs. In my haste to get leads posted, a couple slipped through the cracks. So sorry.

I was doing a search for “freelance writing jobs” this morning on Twitter. I find Twitter searches are a great way to meet like-minded people and mingle with members of the community. As a result, many of you might find me following, so I can keep connected. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I’m @debng. If you would like to receive updates whenever a new blog post appears at FWJ follow us @freelancewj.

Also, I’m in the process of creating a Freelance Writing Jobs social network on Ning. This will allow us to share even more. There is a discussion forum, places to share videos, images and podcasts, we can talk about jobs and updates and all issues freelance writers face. Now, it’s in the raw stages and I haven’t started inviting folks yet, but if you’re interested in being a part of the Freelance Writing Jobs social network on  Ning, please join!

So, a few leads, more tomorrow…

Have a great day. I’ll bring you your Craigslist (and other) leads tomorrow. It’s 70 degrees at 10:30 a.m. and you know I’m going outside to enjoy that action!

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  1. Heidi says

    Thanks Deb! Sometimes those low paying gigs sneak past us… I just HAD to e-mail the $90 dollar a week guy… I told him I would be interested in the job if he offered something closer to the going rate… he was kind enough to e-mail me back and say that he had received over 100 resumes from people who are “better writers than me based on my e-mail.” Haha. I guess that’s how I’m avoiding the low paying jobs… by sending smug emails. Good luck to everyone!

  2. says

    While I understand having a personal policy as to what kind of jobs you will list, Deb, I think it’s rather arrogant and condescending to presume to dictate terms to writers who herald from all corners of the globe. I can understand your (and others) personal preferences for not wanting to work the low paying gigs, but it’s extremely short-sighted to call them “insulting” jobs.

    You aren’t the only writers in the world. I’m wondering if you actually read the comments that have been going on in the past few weeks where there are several writers who come to your site from places in the world where the USD is worth x2 or even x3 what it’s worth to you. To those writers–who have the SAME qualifications as you and others–it is a slap in the face to have someone like yourself dictate what they should or shouldn’t be working for, or to state that you won’t be listing leads that would apply to them, simply because you don’t think it’s fair.

    Not only that, but you are effectively creating an unfair work environment where you are discriminating against others who are, in fact, more than willing to do the work on those “low paying gigs”, because to them it’s not low paying at all…it’s a great wage. Black, white, Asian, European, African, American…everyone has a right to determine for themselves if the rates are fair or not, and the last time I checked there wasn’t a global currency that allowed for writers to dictate whether or not there is a “fair” or “standard” rate that should apply to writers as a whole.

    To be honest, it sours my stomach to see such comments made, where writers have the arrogance to state that they are somehow better than people in another part of the globe, and how people who are working certain kinds of gigs are “ignorant” and how such jobs are “insulting”. I am reminded of the story of the threshing machines in the UK back in the day (a story I have used before), where the manual laborers rose up and started burning the threshing machines that the farmers were using to speed up the production of grain. The threshing machine represents world-wide Internet connections and a global market for an employee base, and writers can either choose to evolve with the the rest of the world and adjust their mindsets accordingly, or they can be out of a job while holding a torch, feeling vindicated that they burnt one machine when meanwhile another thousand went up in another part of the country and the world went on without them.

    In the future, if you feel it necessary to not post certain job leads on your web site because you feel they are below you personally, I would suggest you refrain from dictating terms to writers across the world. The last time I checked there was not a global currency that allowed for such presumption. While you may personally feel a certain job is beneath your skills, please don’t presume to tell other people they are ignorant or taking jobs that are an “insult” to the writing community.

    Remember, the writing community isn’t just the select few insulated writers living in the United States like it was 10 or even 5 years ago. It is a global pool of players now, and you can either evolve with the 21st century or get left behind in the dust. Personally, I’d rather have a job and keep working than stamp my foot and declare “it’s not fair!”, when I can no more stop the evolution of the global marketplace than I can stop the rising of the tide or the revolution of the planet around the sun.

    If you truly want to provide a resource for freelance writers, you should stop putting labels on what should or shouldn’t be considered valid work. Otherwise you are simply providing a service for the “elite” and discriminating against all the others. I don’t think that falls under “equal opportunities”, do you?

    Food for thought.

  3. says

    No one is dictating anything to anyone. I started this blog four years ago to help writers seek work paying decent wages. There are other blogs and websites for those seeking lower wages. This has nothing to do with the economy, the United States, or the world. It has nothing to do with what is beneath me, it has to do with what is fair for everyone.

    I would never suggest anyone work in a sweatshop. I would never suggest anyone take a mall job for under minimum wage and I would never suggest any writer work for pennies.

    I’m not discriminating against anyone. The people who come to this blog don’t work for me. If anything I’m empowering them to rise above the people who are looking to take advantage and realize their self worth.

    I don’t dictate terms to anyone. Everyone is welcome to be paid what they wish. However, this blog has a policy. If that doesn’t sit well with you, I’ll understand if you wish to find the sites with the jobs paying $1.

    I’m sorry that sours your stomach. Fortunately for you, there’s Craigslist and other sites and blogs happy to post the dollar jobs.

  4. says

    @ TWA – You may be surprised to learn that Deb puts up with a *LOT* of flack from writers for even posting the $10/gig jobs. A lot. The girl gets it from all sides, from job snots to job whores. So give her a break for coming down as much as she, personally, felt was right for her values and sticking to it.

    The problem is that you actually do have a valid point: US economy is not world economy. US minimum wage is not world minimum wage. (For example, Quebec minimum wage will be $9.25 an hour in a month. Higher than many US states.) A dollar in other countries is a lot and it’s nothing in the western world. You’re absolutely right.

    And you’re also absolutely right that no one should tell another person what the “right” wage is. There’s a right wage for you, and a wrong wage.

    Deb’s wrong wage is less than $10. And as a blog owner, THIS blog’s owner, she can establish that rule. That isn’t a dictatorship. That’s ownership, dude. Good on her.

    Also, she didn’t say WHICH jobs were insulting. Don’t misconstrue her post for your needs to get angry. For all you know, one of the jobs might have had nothing to do with money at all and the insult involved something else.

    Anyways, the point is, you have an opinion. Great. It’s yours. I agree with most of it. I disagree with some of it. But you’re still wrong (in my eyes) to come here and vent off on Deb. This is her home, you are a guest. Behave.

  5. says

    Let me clarify one thing. I don’t care how much people are paid. If you want to work for $1, you have every right. I don’t look down on you at all. We all do what we have do to survive and I don’t judge anyone by what one does for a living or how much one gets paid.

    However, I do have very strong ideas of what a fair wage is – for anyone. $1 may not mean the same thing in different parts of the country, but it’s still very little money for a good chunk of work.

    I don’t tell anyone what to work for. The majority of people who come to this blog do so because they want to break out of the $1 or $5 markets and I’m more than happy to oblige.

  6. says

    I usually never read TWA’s long, drawn out comments feature-length articles here, just don’t have the time to listen to someone pad every. single. topic. with 75% more wordage than is necessary. Some times it seems like he’s writing them to hear himself write. It’s gotten to the point now where I don’t even have to look at who the comment is by; if it’s more than 2 paragraphs, I know who it is and my eyes gloss right over it with a :sigh:.

    Now Deb tosses out a little blurb that forces me to go back and (ack), read the entire comment.

    I’m sorry that sours your stomach. Fortunately for you, there’s Craigslist and other sites and blogs happy to post the dollar jobs.

    So I went back and tried to read it all, and still couldn’t. :)

    I did, however, catch this…

    If you truly want to provide a resource for freelance writers,

    Wow. Just wow!

    Deb has provided the leads to several of my well paying, steady gigs. You, TWA, have are out of line. If you have a problem with it, then by all means, bugger off and don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

  7. Joy says

    I agree Matt, TWA does write comments just to hear himself write I also neve never read them. I just do not have the time, but I read about 4 paragraphs & I feel he should get off his soap box & join the REAL world. I would never never work for a $1.00. I have lived in the US all my life and feel we have been given the freedom to make are own choices in life. Deb has been a great resource to all of us beginning & long term freelances to find well paying freelance jobs. So TWA leave Deb alone and go work for the $1.00 a job you feel is owed to you.

  8. maura says

    I, for one, really appreciate this website, and this is the first time I have discovered it. Last month, I paid good money to register as a vendor with I have since been appalled by the number of so-called jobs the site sends me that want 20 articles written within 24 hours, complete with original research, content, perfect grammar and spelling and the loss of all copy rights for the princely sum of a dollar apiece. All Deb is doing is using common sense to screen writing jobs for those of us who live in places that require a salary of more than $3 a day to survive. Deb, keep it up, and I will definitely be back.

  9. says

    I appreciate this website as well :) And for the record, I am not one of those who works the 1 dollar posts. I just feel that everyone deserves the right to judge for themselves what is or isn’t a fair wage, and Deb’s comment decrying “insulting gigs” as demeaning to those writers who find the 1 dollar gigs well worth the time because they happen to come from a part of the world where that 1 dollar is worth triple or more quite illogical and against the very nature of what this site is supposed to be here for: a resource for freelance writers around the world.

    Who are you to determine what is or isn’t insulting? You absolutely DO reserve the right as to which jobs you post on your website because you are in fact the owner/operator. However, does that also give you the right to decree whether or not a job is “insulting” to another writer? Maybe to yourself, but I find it somewhat unsettling in light of what you are accomplishing on a daily basis with your website.

    For the rest of you who consider my posts her irrelevant or demeaning and suggest that I don’t let the door hit me on the way out, I would suggest that you step down off your high horse and realize that you are the very reason for your own disgruntled behavior. I have regularly commended Deb for her work on this website and I will continue to do so in the future, but I will also not hesitate for an instance to step up to the plate when comments are made that are out of line, or in any way demeaning to fellow writers around the world. You don’t have to subscribe to my particular beliefs in any way, shape, or form. That’s the beauty of free speech and human nature.

    Calling certain gigs “insulting” was out of line. I stand by my beliefs in that regard. It was not in line with your (Deb’s) comments of equality and claims that you do not “look down on anyone” who would do work at that rates. The very nature of the word “insulting” suggests that you find such rates to be insulting to your craft, and anyone accepting work for such rates as beneath you.

    As to the others, mock me if you will. At the end of the day I’m making a paying living with my work, and quite a good one at that. I sleep like a baby every night, and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. For those of you who take an interest in the global aspects of freelance writing, I’d urge you to hop on over to my blog where I absolutely “write to hear myself talk” and encourage others to get in on the discussion.


  10. Heidi says


    “Who are you to determine what is or isn’t insulting? You absolutely DO reserve the right as to which jobs you post on your website because you are in fact the owner/operator. However, does that also give you the right to decree whether or not a job is “insulting” to another writer?”

    I believe you just answered both of your own questions. Deb is the owner/operator of the site… that does give her the right to express her opinion.

    Using the term insulting is a matter of opinion. Deb was insulted by the gigs, other users, including myself were as well. Who are we to determine what is or isn’t insulting? We are freelance writers with minds and opinions of our own, that’s who.

    Thanks to Deb! She is so awesome!

  11. says

    I’m usually more of a lurker, but I wanted to slink out of the shadows and say that this site is awesome and I really appreciate what Deb does. I also appreciate that the gigs are pre-screened so that they pay more than minimum wage in the US, which is where I live.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the option of embracing the “brave new world” of $5.00 articles and moving to Eastern Europe or a third world country where one can make a princely living by writing $5.00 articles. I just don’t. That’s what T.W. Anderson seems to suggest we all do. I don’t think my choices should be limited to moving to another country or quitting freelancing…which is what I’d by forced to do if $5.00/article jobs take over the market more than they already have.

    And yes, low-paying jobs (less than $10/gig) are insulting to me.

  12. says

    Guys, check out the comment policy, please. No personal attacks. I’d appreciate everyone keeping the discussion respectful. No one has to agree with the others’ point of view, but please let’s keep it respectful.


  13. says

    I would also recommend Demand Studios for anyone struggling with breaking out of the so-called “low paying” gigs. I’m into my first month with them and loving the work. I don’t have as much time to dedicate to them as I’d like as I have a large project this month from another client, but the work I have done has been paid for within 4 days of submission and I’ve average 75 dollars an hour for the few hours worth of work I’ve done for them. However, it’s also on topics I know. I’m sure that research topics would slow me down considerably.

    If people would take half the time they spend complaining actually doing work, they wouldn’t need to be complaining in the first place. While I don’t work the 1 dollar gigs, I actively do “content farming” for a website who has me write 250 word articles for 3 dollars and 500 word articles for 6 bucks. The beauty of it is that it’s generic re-writes and topics that require little/no research. I average 5 of the 250 word re-writes an hour, typing. 15 dollars an hour. Sometimes I do 7 in an hour, and I’m gradually teaching my Dragon NaturallySpeaking program and I should be able to double that productivity in a couple of months once I have the program trained, which will raise me to around 30 dollars an hour. This month alone they handed me a project worth 1200 USD.

    You don’t have to live in a Eastern Europe (though I have that luxury) to survive. There are jobs aplenty that exist. No, they aren’t all going to have lucrative rates, but rather than spend all your time complaining about what the rates are, find jobs that suit you better. They do exist.

    This month I’ll clear 2k USD for work that only takes me 3-4 hours a day. I combine my low paying gigs with my higher paying gigs. When it all averages out I am making 25 dollars an hour. That’s far more than the average citizen makes in the US (based upon median wages for 2006-2008) If I wanted to pursue this full time I could easily clear 50k a year, but I don’t, and I won’t. I’m purposefully trying to keep my US wages below the minimum required to file for taxes, while taking advantage of the 80k+ a year I’m allowed to earn from foreign sources while a resident of another country. The point is, the wage I make is partly subsidized by the low paying jobs that so many of you seem to sneer at and call “unacceptable” and “insulting”.

    I’d suggest people spend more time looking for work and less time complaining about what the rates for such work are. Would I work for 1 dollar per post? Absolutely not, but I don’t have the right to term the work “insulting”, or look down my nose at the writers who DO find that work to be paying.

    I guess at the end of the day I would like to let my bank account stand as a testament to where hard work can get you. I’m not making hundreds of thousands of dollars but I make a comfortable living working part-time, and if I so chose I could easily be clearing 50k a year as a FIRST YEAR freelancer, if I wanted to pursue this full time and if I wanted to spend 40 hours a week doing it. I’m sure that those of you with so much more experience than me could be making triple or more if you would simply take the time to do the work that is out there rather than complain about the rates, but instead I see you reduced to insulting others on community forums. I’m baffled by it.

    If charging 150 dollars an hour is your thing, that’s fine. Do you have steady work? I’d suggest the answer is “no” when you look at how much time some of these high-paying writers spend making the rounds complaining about the lack of jobs and unfair wages that are taking work out of their pockets.

    At the end of the day as long as what you do makes you happy, that’s what counts. I simply think it’s unfair to insult other writers who are happy working the lower paying gigs AND making it work for them, regardless of their personal circumstances.

    The average cost of living in the US is 2k a month, per person. This is the average. If you work steady at this and take all the work that can come your way, you can easily make double that. If you have the luxury of doing it for half the hours, that’s fine. Kudos to you. But complaining that “5 dollar articles don’t cut it for me” while you complain about the lack of food on your table or money in your bank account is a paradox at best. If you want to put food on the table for your family, then get out there and do it. The world is what you make of it, and you can either go through life miserable and bitter about the success of others, or you can make it happen for yourself.

    Again: I whole-heartedly support your efforts, Deb, and I support your decision to screen lower paying gigs from your website. You are the owner, that’s your right. But I still think using the term “insulting” was uncalled for :)

    As to the rest of you who stoop to throwing insults to my posts and otherwise…I think I’ll let the quality and quantity of my work speak for itself.

  14. says

    Sorry, Deb.

    I was sitting here, scrolling past that super-long comment cuz it’s just too much to read, and I got to thinking about trashing your readers, even if it IS warranted, and you’re right.

    I didn’t mean to upset you, but it just irks me when ingrates try to tell people how to run their blogs, ya know? 😉

    I’ll try not to personally attack anyone again.

  15. Chris says

    The funniest part about TWA’s rant is how wrongly-construed it is. That $1/per 90-article-a-week ad was seeking ONLY US applicants. So TW’s tedious, too-long-to-read-without-wasting-half-my-day-and-losing-money rant was all for naught.

    TW, I’m not really sure where you’re coming from. This is Deb’s blog–she has the right to post what she wants when she wants. She doesn’t have the obligation to cater it to a world audience either. Whoever wants to read it is free to, and who ever doesn’t is free to leave. The $10 cut-off has been a clear policy, why are you knocking it? Quite frankly, if you’re all about lower paying work, go find it elsewhere. Deb also has the right to speak her mind and if she thinks a job is insulting then why shouldn’t she say it? Many others agree. If you don’t, then disagree and go apply for that $90/week job. Have fun. But don’t throw around words like “selfish” and “arrogant” because Deb stands up for writers and what’s right. That’s simply uncalled for and over the line.

    I would think that you have a better understanding than anyone. If I didn’t misconstrue your life story (yes, I have actually read some of your tangents in the past), you moved from the US to Bulgaria? So you know what a legitimate writing wage is and I don’t think you expect anything less than that. So even though you’re in an economy that is entirely different than the US,you don’t work for $1 or 2/hour.

    Don’t forget that these worldwide writers that you seem to think that you’re defending are basically being exploited. Let’s just say that this guy in the ad was looking for work in the global market. He’s requesting a writer for articles for 10 of his clients from his LA-based operation. I would bet big money that he’s making a lot more than $1 per article from each client then pocketing the rest of the money for doing a whole lot of nothing. So regardless of where the writer is located, he’s being ripped off and exploited as cheap, underpaid labor. Jobs like that are shameless and rightfully shouldn’t be included in a writer’s blog done by a writer who’s had experience and knows better. Who exactly do you think you’re fighting for?

    @Matt–That first post was hilarious and true regardless. There’s definitely a bit too much verbage and a bit too little content.

    Before I get into that uncomfortable word range reserved for some others, I’ll leave it here. TW get a grip and tone it down.


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