Monday Markets for April 6, 2009

This week’s Monday Markets include a magazine for Canadian aviation enthusiasts, one that speaks to women between the ages of 40-59, and one that is all about the environment. I am always surprised by the variety of publications that are on the market. It seems like just about any niche you can think of has a magazine devoted to it.

Canadian Aviator

From the Web Site:

We buy features and contributions to our departments. Rates vary with the amount of revision required per manuscript, and whether or not the photography is strong enough to justify a color spread. Features run up to 2,000 words and include color photos. Departments run 800 to 1,000 words.

Sometimes we will buy longer pieces and break them into two or three episodes, but usually longer pieces are commissioned because, in our opinion, the idea deserves a longer discussion than we can provide in a single issue. Usually, whatever can be said in 10,000 words can be improved by cutting it to 2,500 words. Often, what’s been written in 2,500 words will work in 1,500, and in the hands of a good writer can be told in 500 or less.

We do not pay by the word because it just encourages longer pieces. Write tight, write short, write with the reader in mind, write to inform, write to entertain. We also buy short (50 to 250-word) current news items (current events, ATAC and other aviation event updates, trade news, people news, contests, banquets, fly-ins and festivities).

More Magazine

In 2007, More will publish six issues (Spring, Summer, September, October, November and December). More is wholly owned by Transcontinental Media.

More runs features and departments of varying lengths, with a balance between the practical and the philosophical, the light-hearted and the investigative. All articles should speak to Canadian women between the ages of 40 and 59.

The editors want to hear your individual voice. More doesn’t have one voice, but rather a chorus of distinctive voices. More readers are their own experts; consequently we run very few how-to articles.

Word length and fees vary depending on the length and complexity of the story – usually between 1,000 and 2,500 words. Our editorial lead time is four to six months.

Regular departments available to freelancers

  • More Now: Our upfront section, which includes celebrity news and small newsy items
  • Work, Money, Attitude, Relationships
  • Despite their specific and diverse topic areas, the shared quality in the above departments is their voice. The majority of stories in these departments are based on personal stories. Revealing individual stories are always going to be our hallmark.
  • Second Acts
  • The articles in this department focus on women who have reinvented themselves after the age of 40. Could be first-person or profile.
  • More Over
  • More’s humour page. The lighter side of aging. (Max: 600 words)
  • Memoir
  • Evocative first-person essays
  • Body and Mind
  • More’s health department. Stories focus on issues of mental and physical health for midlife women. Includes fitness.
  • Travel: Stories are destination-based, yet not exclusively. In addition to describing destinations of interest, More’s travel pieces are layered with personal stories and fascinating profiles.
  • Food: Food articles can be associated with a destination, a specific artisan or nutrition.

Pays within 30 days after acceptance.

E Magazine

As the largest independent environmental magazine, with a circulation of 50,000, E serves an important role as the voice for the environmental movement and as a vital information source on national and international coverage of environmental issues. Founded in 1990, E is sponsored by Earth Action Network, a nonprofit organization located in Norwalk, Connecticut. In an attempt to stay consistent with our values and goals, we print our magazine on recycled paper and screen our advertisers carefully.

E seeks submissions for the following sections, with word lengths as indicated. Please examine back issues of E to get an idea of the style, tone and content of articles we publish.

In-depth articles on key national and international environmental issues. e.g., population, transportation, children’s environmental health, biotechnology, environmental education and energy. 3,200 to 4,200 words.

News articles. i.e., environmental racism, cloning controversies, Maine forests for sale, cactus poachers, profiles of key organizations/campaigns. 1,000 words; five per issue.

In Brief
Short news articles. i.e., garbage art, AmeriCorps, sea cucumber conservation. 400 words; four to five per issue.

Money Matters
Information, resources and tips on greening personal finance and investments. e.g., eco-friendly stocks, saving money with community supported agriculture, shareholder activism. 750 words.

Going Green
This section follows the fast-growing eco-tourism industry and highlights notable trends and destinations. e.g., Costa Rica Rainforest Eco-Lodges, Alaska ANWR Experience and vegetarian vacations. 750 words.

Consumer News
Examines green consumer products and trends. e.g., recycled or “tree-free” paper, natural cosmetics and “smart” wood. 1,200 words.

House & Home
Looks at services and products beneficial in the
creation of a green home. e.g., eco-paints, home energy-saving tips, organic cotton bedding. 750 words.

Your Health
Explores the environmental aspects of personal health. e.g., autism and the environment, antibiotic-pumped livestock, endocrine disruptors, mercury poisonings. 1,200 words.

Eating Right
Discusses the environmental implications of food choices. e.g., organic cereals, sustainable seafood. 1,000 words.

Tools for Green Living
Brief introductions/reviews of new green products and services. e.g., Nature’s Way Feline Pine cat litter and eco-friendly shoes. 100 words; unpaid. The Books section profiles new publications. e.g., Earth Odyssey. 100 words; may be unpaid.

Pays $0.30 per word.


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