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It looks like I forgot my contact info in the version I just sent. Here is the final version:

Bible Study Magazine is a bi-monthly publication with over 10,000 subscribers, recently called by Library Journal a “serious, clearly written popular magazine.” We cover Bible study art, science, and practice for a non-denominational audience.

We’re looking for a direct, informative and engaging writing style—as simple as possible but as technical as necessary. All our stories have a compelling hook, a clear lede, and a progression that engages the reader.

We want great writers who are excited about Bible study. We pay competitively.

Send a resume and samples of your writing to Associate Editor John Barry at [email protected]



  1. says

    To Whom It May Concern,
    My name is Chery Zelenka. I have been a teacher for twenty-five years. However, due to a recent life interruption (a brain tumor), I am now writing a Christian encouragement blog called Weeping Into Dancing. http://weepingintodancing.wordpress.com/

    Christian Focus Magazine will soon publish several of my blog posts and I am looking for opportunities to sell some of my work. Due to the location of my brain tumor, I suffered from clinical depression for nearly a decade. I intentionally write short post since depression hinders the ability to read and concentrate. My goal in every post is to encourage and instruct with scripture.

    I have pasted two of my posts for your consideration. Please call me at 719-484-9774 or email me if you would like to publish any of my posts. I encourage you to visit the above website.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Cheryl Zelenka
    I started my blog about three months ago. I have written over 300 posts within this timeframe. I will have over 5,000 hits to my blog and over 160 followers by the new year. I am open to freelance work and would appreciate any work you can send my way.


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