Get Personal in Your Job Search

One of the challenges in looking for work, whether you are a freelancer or a looking for a salaried position, is that the process is quite impersonal. In the past, you might look for work approaching a potential employer personally or calling them on the phone to ask about available positions. Now, we apply for jobs by e-mail or by filling in an online form. If we call a potential client, we may end up getting their voice mail instead. The personal touch seems to be a thing of the past.

Looking for work doesn’t just involve telling the potential client about your education and experience. You also want to tell them what else you can bring to the table. What can your client expect when they choose to work with you? What value can you add to their business?

Instead of just telling the client that you are a freelance writer, editor, or whatever, in your cover letter, add something more. Tell them something about you and what kind of a person you are. You’re someone who puts their clients first, takes pride in their work, and you are ready and willing to meet that client’s writing needs. Tie these positive traits into the opportunity you are applying for. You might want to say something like this: “From my work on [x], I learned the importance of [y], and I can bring that experience to this opportunity”.

The idea here is to distinguish yourself from other people applying for the same gig. Several writers may have a similar level of education and experience, and at that point, the client needs to make a decision about which person they would like to work with. When you share something of yourself other than just the facts about your education and previous experience, you have a better opportunity to make a connection with the client, and that connection can help you get work.


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