Monday Markets for May 11, 2009

This week’s edition of Monday Markets includes a magazine that focuses on issues that would interest the Jewish community as well as one directed at people who love Scotland.

Moment Magazine

From the Web Site:

Moment is dedicated to publishing unpredictable stories that will interest members of all branches of the Jewish community including Jewish Renewal, Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Haredi, Hasidic, Secular Humanist and the unaffiliated. Our stories range in scope from global to local (with a global twist), right to left, the literary to the political. We are looking for in-depth, evocative and richly rendered compositions on all things relevant to Jewish life.

We’re interested in the stories that haven’t yet been told. However, we know that there are those topics that will forever bear interest to the Jewish community (the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, intermarriage and aliyah to Israel). If we choose to explore these topics we will always tell them from a new angle, inspired by fresh information and insight. As a bi-monthly magazine we have the responsibility of providing depth and perspective on issues that other publications cannot provide.

We expect well-researched stories and accurate reporting at all time. Breadth and depth of reporting is essential. With the exception of essays and book reviews, all stories require interviews, and even reviews and essays can benefit from interviews. It is important that you are aware that we have high reporting and fact-checking standards.

Moment stories take time to report, organize and write and revise. They are written in magazine-style, which is not the same as newspaper feature writing. We are often willing to work with writers who do not have magazine writing experience if they agree to invest the required time. However, even experienced magazine writers should be aware that it is rare for a story to not be sent back, sometimes several times, with questions, and it is even rarer for a story to not go through several revisions. This requires a commitment from both writer and editors to publish the best story possible. The best Moment stories are most often a collaboration between writer and editor. Our goal is ALWAYS to publish the best story possible.

Pays on publication.

The Scots Magazine

From the Web Site:

We are a publication concerned with specifically Scottish topics. This almost invariably means that the people, events or places written about have to be in Scotland. Only on very rare occasions do we go furth of our borders. There is a minimum of four months between acceptance and publication: please take this into account if an article is aimed at a particular issue. It is not unusual for material to remain in stock for up to two years before publication.
Any relevant photographs, drawings, maps, diagrams, etc., should be enclosed with the text, and each item must bear the contributor’s name and that of the copyright holder if different. Each illustration should also carry a brief caption explaining its significance in the article. Writers receive proofs to check, prior to the publication of articles. We prefer articles with a word-count of around 1000-2500 words, but these limits are not rigid. We do not buy material that has already been published elsewhere. An s.a.e. with submissions is appreciated.
It should be borne in mind that this page is not a plea for material, rather a collection of hints on how to improve the chances of success. The Scots Magazine’s acceptance rate of speculative submissions is less than 5% – but you could be in that number.

Pays on acceptance.


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    Is Plenty still in operation? Last I heard they’d ceased publication two months ago and had been absorbed by Mother Earth. Has anyone heard an update?

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