Blogging & Online Gigs for June 10, 2009

It seems like anywhere gigs are so slim lately; maybe we should all move to NYC! Just kidding – not for all the money in the world. I like the Pacific NW. In fact, instead of a job tip today, why not tell me where you’re from and if you feel your location is helping or hindering your writing career.

I’ll go first – I’m in Oregon; Portland to be exact and that’s to my benefit I think. It’s super charged green here, and since green is what I write, that works out in my favor. I’ve had eco-clients who really like that I’m from here. Plus, it helps that I live here because it makes it easy to come up with story ideas (I see a lot of green stuff happening).

Your turn – head to the comments and say hello.

Anywhere gigs:

Cell Phone Blogger – low pay, but could be ok if you blog fast.

Sports writers

Managing Editor –

Content Writers for Cosmetic Surgery and Obesity Surgery Websites

Freelance Food Writers – (LA, LB, OC, SD, SFO, SB) – not a word about pay in this ad, but who knows…

Local specific gigs:

Associate Online Editor/Producer – Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia – NY

Internet Merchandising Content Associate – (Burnsville, Mn)

Assistant Web Editor, Pew Research Center – Pew Research Center – Wash DC

Financial Blogger – (Flatiron) – NY

Opening for a Talented Social Media / Search Engine Optimizer – (Libertyville-IL)

Writer/Editor – online and print writing; Girl Scouts of the USA – NY

Writer/Wish Referral Specialist – (Holiday, FL)

Content Writer/ Editor – (Miami- Biscayne)

Editor, Web sometimes writer- (Reston, VA)

News magazine web internship – (Portland, OR) – says paid, but not how much.

Web Content Manager – (La Jolla) – CA

Associate Editor – Big Think ( – NY

Writer/ Editor Needed – (Old Town Alexandria)


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    I’m from Los Angeles and I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve only just moved into blogging ( My subject is local Libertarian Politics. At first I was concerned that it would be hard to develop a readership for third party politics in a city heavily dominated by the Big Two, but I think its going to be more about efficient marketing rather than location. Either way, it’s my subject and I’m sticking to it.

    Thanks for the Leads,

    Elizabeth Frazier, Freelance Writer

    Follow me on Twitter @egfraz

    LA Libertarian Examiner on

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    From Denver, CO. Actually took a trip with the wife up to Portland when she had a job opportunity up there. The whole week was cloudy. We didn’t move :)

    My location doesn’t seem to be a problem. I guess that is partly because I work from a home office and have no intention of working on site anywhere for more than a short period of time, so it doesn’t make any difference where I am, or they are :)

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    I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa and location is not a factor in my work, as I work from home.

    One of my projects involves sourcing info from organisations in 9 countries to develop articles, and thanks to email, Skype and DHL everything is working out just fine.

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    Hey jennifer-
    I’m in Portland OR too! I work with a fairly specific niche market – mission driven companies, sustainable, fair trade, organic etc. and my clients are based in OR and WA.

    I’m still in the very early stages of being a freelancer and am still working my connections in that industry but will soon begin to cold query companies I WANT to write for. Hopefully like Damaria I won’t find location to be much of an issue when branching out to more clients nationwide. Skype rocks!

    The job market in Portland is pretty rough and the creative talent agencies I’ve submitted my portfolio to haven’t even responded to me. Oh well, I love the independent approach anyway!

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    @Liz – true about efficient marketing vs. location. You’re lucky to be in LA, I always see plenty of freelance work there.

    @Brian – CO is one of the few states I want to visit but haven’t been too. A lot of people come here, see the clouds and rain, and go. Being a born in OR girl, I love the rain though, it’s just not for everyone.

    @Damaria – skype and other online messaging platforms have made it so much easier to freelance I think.

    @Matsya – Another pdx writer! That’s cool, so many of my writer pals are east coast, it’s nice to hear about writers here. You’re right the job market here is super tight. I’ve actually worked with very few companies located here. Most of my gigs are usually distance.

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