Go Against Type & Type Up Creativity

picture-3A lot of us get caught up in our niches or types of writing. Blog posts, business writing, parenting writing and it can get a little tedious. Not to say you don’t enjoy what you do, just that every so often it feels good to do something against type. Your type.

It pays to stretch your writing muscles and get creative by experimenting with different writing genres. It may be just thing to juice up your writing in your specialty. For example, technical writers don’t have many opportunities to write humorous pieces or fictional fantasy pieces. You may suck at it in the beginning, but there are always things that can be learned by learning about a new style or area.

Venturing into other areas of writing doesn’t mean you have to be in it for paying gigs. I’m not talking about writing for free, you know how I feel about that – on rare occasions is it smart – I’m talking about freebie classes at bookstores, online courses or just writing for your own eyes.

The idea is to let your brain breathe, wander and stretch without the pressure of deadlines and electric bills affecting the work. If you find you really like it you can always jump into the paid world later.

I’ve got an interest in poetry, good poetry. Poetry that goes beyond the black-inked doom and gloom poems of my angst-ridden teenage years. Oh you know you have some too, don’t laugh – at least not too hard! It gives my brain the opportunity to play with words and phrases that move me emotionally – not necessarily something you’d get from an article on potty training. That brain stretching helps me turn words and phrases in more ways than before and that helps in every area of my work.

What areas of writing do you have a non-professional interest and what are you going to do about it? Tell us below!


  1. JulieF says

    I’m interested in all of it!

    I write diverse topics freelance- Parenting, Pregnancy, Autism, Book Reviews, Cooking, Video Games, and…the list goes on and on.

    My late nights are soaked with blood and haunted by screaming wraiths, though. This writing career began with Horror and will end with it. Funny you mentioned poetry, just submitted a horror poem for an anthology!


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