Freelance Writers for Mirror Mirror Magazine – $15 per Article

Mirror Mirror Magazine is seeking freelance writers for upcoming issues. Compensation starting at $15 for 500 word count articles. If interested please email your article proposal, writing samples and resume to [email protected] for review. Article topics must be directly or indirectly related to the arts and entertainment industry. Thank you in advance for your interest.

MMO/MMORPG Writers – $20 – $35

The MMO Life Network is a network of MMO, MMORPG, and Online Gaming portals throughout the world, localized for several languages. Currently, we are looking for more contributing writers to write features, review MMO games (free-to-play and retail), and provide opinion/editorial pieces on their favorite/least favorite games. All writers will be paid per-article, with the starting rate being: $35 (per feature); $20 (per free-to-play review); $30 (per retail review). Prices do scale, and longer articles, and ones requiring more time investment, will be compensated with more pay. If you are assigned to review a game that is free-to-play, you will [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for June 22, 2009

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and Father’s Day. A semi-ok group of gigs today, although, I’m betting we’ll see more mid-week. Job tip o’ the day: During the summer it seems like it’s harder to concentrate on work. Especially if you work at home, and can break whenever you like. Change up your routine so you stay on track. During the summer, it’s hot which zaps my concentration, so I tend to work more in the evenings. You might also try getting out; blogging at the park or coffee shop in the early morning. Anywhere gigs: is [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, June 22, 2009

For those of you who are new to FWJ, I left my office job seven years ago to pursue a full time freelance writing career. It was a life changing experience and I was (and still am)  successful. A year ago, I left the world of freelancing to take a full time telecommute job that was right up my alley. It was a great job and an important experience, but after a year I’m back to freelancing. It was an interesting experiment and a good reminder of why I left my full time job in the first place. My friend [Read more…]

Writing for a Living: How Badly Do You Want It?

I often hear people say that they want to be writers or that they wish they could do what I do for a living. Some people ask whether I can “get them into writing.” I tell them where they can look for work and give them suggestions about preparing a resume and samples for prospective clients. Most of them decide that’s too much “like work” and abandon the idea of being a writer at that point. It is work. Not only do you have the work of doing your writing assignments, but you are your own Marketing, Customer Service, and [Read more…]

More Posts You Might Have Missed

Have you taken a ride around the Freelance Writing Jobs blog network lately? The best way to do it is to start at the home page and see what’s going on at all our blogs, not just this one. We have business tips, article writing tips, job hunting tips, blogging tips and more. Here are some posts you might have missed: Embracing Social Media as a Job Search Tool Success Stories: Patrick O’Keefe What Does it Mean to Work Smarter Not Harder? When Editors Behave Badly Go Against Type & Type Up Creativity Let Go of Your Fear of Being [Read more…]

Redefining Your Blogging Goals

The past year was an interesting one for me. After taking six years to build up a successful freelance writing career, I decided to take a full time job for an online company. I took the job for several reasons: I was able to work at home I would be doing what I love I was looking to gain more social media experience The job was a valuable and enlightening experience, but I missed working for myself, especially the flexibility. I decided to return to freelancing, but also to build up a business as a social media consultant. My biggest [Read more…]

Are you too distracted at work?

If you work as a blogger / web writer, you may find yourself getting super distracted often when you come across fun stuff to see and read. It’s also easy to get distracted when networking; sure Twitter can help you score gigs, but if you’re on there all day chatting, you won’t get much real work done. I’m not immune to distractions. In one sense I’m lucky because I get to write mostly topics I love, but since part of my gigs is finding news and cool new products related to said topics I love, it’s easy for me to [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Opportunities for June 18 & 19, 2009

What are your daily distractions? I find I have to work in a place where I don’t have access to a fridge, the television, and neighborhood gossip. Keeping focused is one of my biggest challenges in this work from home life. Most days I can stay on task, but if the job is not so interesting I find myself looking for other things to do. To combat this, I use a reward system. After I finish an especially unattractive task I’ll allow myself a chapter or two from a good book, a gourmet cup of coffee, or another treat. It [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for June 19, 2009

So in bad news I’ve seen almost zero decent anywhere gigs this week, however, if you’re lucky enough to live in the right areas, you may find a good job below. For you anywhere writers, you can also check out Deb’s latest job listings (not totally blog-web specific). Job tip o’ the day: Do you have a contact me page at your personal blog? You should if you’re looking to score jobs. If people can’t contact you, they can’t hire you. You’d be surprised at how many blogs I come across that contain zip contact info; don’t be one of [Read more…]

On Not Judging a Social Media Gig By Its Cover

On Monday as I was trolling the job boards to drum up clients for my social media consulting business, I came upon an ad for a blogger to help with a marketing campaign. I applied and landed the gig and immediately began wondering if I was doing the right thing. The company appeared to be an advertising agency that printied stuff on cards and poker chips and wanted to create a viral campaign and heavy social media presence. Viral playing cards? Yeah Deb, good luck with that. As I asked the client questions throughout the day I learned there was [Read more…]

Freelance Your Speciality… or Diversify?

I recently asked readers about their writer specialty. Do you have one? What is it? Is it special enough? With all the competition in the freelance writing world, specialization matters a great deal towards success. But is it enough?

Let Go of Your Fear of Getting Fired

Stop being afraid you’re going to get fired. When you are freelancing, you are working for yourself. The only person who can fire you is….you. The relationship between yourself and a client is not the same one that exists between and employer and an employee. When you are dealing with a client, you are an independent businessperson and – dare I say it – your client’s equal. When you are an equal, you negotiate terms instead of asking your boss for permission to do something. A client can’t take your job away from you like a boss can. If things [Read more…]

Do Your Blog Posts Gain Reader Attention?

Blog posts can be a little dry; excuse me, I meant, web writing can be a little dry overall. Blogs aren’t the only online medium to blame. One problem is that blogs and online articles have gotten so SEO friendly. Some bloggers are excellent at making their posts search friendly AND personable. However, if you’re just focused on SEO, it’s easy to spot, annoying, super boring to read, and won’t lead to long term readers. Another problem is that there are so many darn blogs around. Anyone can offer information on say, coffee or computers (and tons of bloggers do) [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In case you missed the news, we have two new bloggers at the FWJ network. Lorna Doone Brewer and Simon James will begin at the Other Stuff blog to provide comic relief to writers and other freelancers. I was so impressed by the caliber of writers who applied, the decision was so difficult.  I’m also humbled by the response, more than 500 people hoped to work here. I want to thank everyone who applied. With so many responses, I hope you can understand why I’m not writing to each applicant personally to say thank you. Leads… Journalist with Economic Expertise [Read more…]

Blogging & Online Writing Gigs for June 16, 2009

Sorry about the lack of gigs posted the last few days. My son was home from school before camp kicked in, and since I work at home, that was less than ideal working conditions. This should be a busy week too, but I’m looking to get at least three job posts up for you all this week. Today’s listings kick ass btw; lots and lots of gigs to browse. I’m kind of surprised, as I haven’t seen too many great blog and online writing jobs lately. Question o’ the day: So, are your kids home for the summer? Or have [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I took control of my own destiny yesterday.  I know I’ve been hinting at this for several weeks, but I decided to make a break from my part time job and go back to freelance writing and consulting as a social media professional. The decision to do this was an easy one. I earn a lot more as a consultant than I do making an hourly wage at my community manager job. The flexibility, just in time for summer, is the icing on the cake. I feel empowered, like I did seven years ago when I left my job to [Read more…]

Demand Studios is Looking for Web Content Writers

Take control of your writing career with Demand Studios. We give you the tools and flexibility you need to earn a living while pursuing your passion for writing. Due to expanded distribution, Demand Studios is recruiting writers to research and write articles for our growing network of websites. New article formats include product reviews and travel articles. This is a freelance position where you can claim and work on multiple assignments at a time, allowing you to work at your own pace and earn extra money around your own schedule. Payment is flat fee per article and deposited weekly into [Read more…]

Monday Markets for June 15, 2009

This week’s Monday markets include a magazine for female executives and business owners, a publications for running enthusiasts, and a magazine for dieticians. Pink Magazine From the Web Site: The PINK reader is a sophisticated, highly successful female business executive or entrepreneur. PINK avoids telling her what every other magazine already does; we always try not to underestimate her perceptiveness and, most importantly, PINK cannot waste her time. PINK endeavors to be a vital tool to help her find greater financial independence and success in work and more joy in life. * Be sure to read the magazine before submitting [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome to a brand new week. This is my last week working at home alone before school ends for the summer so I’m getting as much done as possible. Something else I’m doing this week is making up a new schedule that will benefit both me and my son. I don’t have the luxury of taking the summer off, but I do have the ability to be flexible. How are you juggling work, kids and summer? Will you be scaling down for the next few months or making other arrangements? Leads… Article Writer for the Outsourcing Company – Unspecified Pay [Read more…]

Rejection: A Fact of Freelance Writing Life

No one likes hearing the word “No” when they are looking for work, and freelance writers are no exception. Part of doing this kind of work means that you are constantly talking to potential clients about your services, and you won’t get hired every time you answer an ad, submit a query, or send a pitch to someone you are interested in working with. Dealing with rejection is not always easy, and there are times when it can be very disappointing when you don’t get a gig that you felt you were a good fit for. I have heard other [Read more…]

MMA Writers- $25 – $50 per Article

“CONCEDE is looking for talented writers to provide high quality, commentary and reporting for our website network launching July 1st 2009. If you have good writing skills and are passionate about MMA, please contact us for more details regarding this position. The ideal person should have excellent communication skills, have a solid writing ability, be self motivated and be willing to come up with innovative article ideas. This position will pay $25 -$50 per article used. It will also be a great way to gain exposure to the MMA community. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Blogging & Online Writing Gigs for June 13, 2009

Not too many how-to pieces this week here at Blogging for a Living – it’s been crazy busy! Next week we’ll look at a better combo of jobs and tips, but for today, just some gigs. Some pretty good looking jobs today too. Job tip o’ the day: Use the law of averages to your advantage. When I first started freelancing I was worried about landing work because in the past I had mainly written for companies I already worked for – i.e no job search involved. When I actually had to apply for work, I figured it would take [Read more…]

Fifty (funny) Lines. Ten bucks. 4th Assignment – “Let’s Stay Friends”

Funny folks who could use a few bucks without leaving your desk – this may be the quick, relatively easy, potentially lucrative ‘writing gig’ for you! What we need: 50 lines (each ‘line’ should be one sentence, or two or more short sentences), each of which is a variation on the theme described below. Take a look at our examples (but try to do better!). What we pay: $10.00 for 50 lines. If we like what you’ve written, and you feel like writing more, we’ll happily accept multiple submissions (and pay you for each as they come in). We’ll also [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 12, 2009

Yesterday, one of the regulars asked me to write about working smarter not harder: what it meant and how to get it done. You can read about it on the home page, but I also thought I’d throw out a bit in today’s writing tip. Working smarter not harder means different things to different people. For me it means to work fewer hours but earn more money, with my income level rising each year. It means choosing the clients that cause the least amount of stress and having quality time to spend with my family and friends. It doesn’t mean [Read more…]

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