Creating a useful and successful blog networking plan

Social networking isn’t that hard. Anyone can tweet, leave comments, ask for link exchanges, or IM readers and blogging pals. These are all general networking ideas that can work. However, if you’re focusing on the wrong blog networking tactics for your specific blog you’re wasting your time. In my mind we network for one basic […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 23, 2009

Today is the last day of school. Is anyone else looking forward to the summer days as much as me? I have so many plans, not just for my business but for my family and myself. It’s going to be a great season! Leads… Freelance Writers for Freelance Music Writer Technology Writers Proposal Writer […]

5 Ways to Kill a Good Article

There are times when an article just doesn’t seem to come together. Most of the time a writer will struggle through it, turning it over and over in their mind, getting advice and sticking with it as long as they can until they can get it to gel. There are other times, however, when a […]

Monday Markets for June 22, 2009

Wend Magazine From the Web Site: Wend is namely interested in first person accounts of literate adventure travel with a social/anthropological/environmental awareness that permeates throughout the story. Our stories are about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, not extraordinary people doing ordinary things. We give a lot of space to our features to give the writer […]

Freelance Writers for – $25 per Article is looking to hire an experienced freelance writer to create interesting and unique 500-700 word articles to appear on our website. Articles must be creative yet informative and will range in subject matter. Writer must have experience in creating online content and able to provide links to samples of their work. Writer may work […]

Freelance Writers for Mirror Mirror Magazine – $15 per Article

Mirror Mirror Magazine is seeking freelance writers for upcoming issues. Compensation starting at $15 for 500 word count articles. If interested please email your article proposal, writing samples and resume to [email protected] for review. Article topics must be directly or indirectly related to the arts and entertainment industry. Thank you in advance for your interest.

MMO/MMORPG Writers – $20 – $35

The MMO Life Network is a network of MMO, MMORPG, and Online Gaming portals throughout the world, localized for several languages. Currently, we are looking for more contributing writers to write features, review MMO games (free-to-play and retail), and provide opinion/editorial pieces on their favorite/least favorite games. All writers will be paid per-article, with the […]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for June 22, 2009

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and Father’s Day. A semi-ok group of gigs today, although, I’m betting we’ll see more mid-week. Job tip o’ the day: During the summer it seems like it’s harder to concentrate on work. Especially if you work at home, and can break whenever you like. Change up your […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, June 22, 2009

For those of you who are new to FWJ, I left my office job seven years ago to pursue a full time freelance writing career. It was a life changing experience and I was (and still am)  successful. A year ago, I left the world of freelancing to take a full time telecommute job that […]

Writing for a Living: How Badly Do You Want It?

I often hear people say that they want to be writers or that they wish they could do what I do for a living. Some people ask whether I can “get them into writing.” I tell them where they can look for work and give them suggestions about preparing a resume and samples for prospective […]