Redefining Your Blogging Goals

The past year was an interesting one for me. After taking six years to build up a successful freelance writing career, I decided to take a full time job for an online company. I took the job for several reasons:

  1. I was able to work at home
  2. I would be doing what I love
  3. I was looking to gain more social media experience

The job was a valuable and enlightening experience, but I missed working for myself, especially the flexibility. I decided to return to freelancing, but also to build up a business as a social media consultant. My biggest priority however, is returning this blog to it’s former glory.

Don’t get me wrong…

This blog does well, don’t get me wrong. Without being front and center to promote, write tons of content, toss out the link love and schmooze with advertisers, we were beginning to lose traffic and revenue.  I have a year’s worth of ground to make up. Which brings me to today’s topic…

Redefining my blogging goals

In the past my goal was to earn money as a blogger for hire, and keep this blog going as a lucrative side project. Now, I’m going to vice versa the whole thing. I have blogging and social media clients, thankfully, but my main goal is to build this blog to be my number one source of income, so I can rely on others less and less.  I will do so by posting more, networking more and working with advertisers more. It was a mistake to put this wonderful blog network on the back burner, but you can bet we’re cooking with gas now.

What are your blogging goals? How can you take it to the next level?


  1. says

    While I never felt like this blog lost any former glory, I’m glad you’ve decided you’re going to put more into it and decided what was best for you!

    I recently went through something kind of similar myself (though not to the same scale) and decided to focus more on my own blog instead of making it secondary to my other web writing. I love the community aspect of it and really hadn’t been as active in that as I should’ve been. Besides, I’ve been blogging for 12 years so I feel weird if I’m not doing it!

  2. Bobbi C says

    It’s great you’re devoting more time to this blog–it’s getting better and better!

  3. says

    I’m in a similar boat with you Deb–moving from an emphasis on client work to primary income from my own sites and projects. “Unfortunately” client demand’s been up the last few months too, so it’s been double duty, but still on track. My goal is to be earning the bulk of my income from my sites, e-books, etc. by the end of this year, and it looks like it’ll happen without a problem. I’m sure you’ll manage to do the same. You certainly have a great foundation to build on. :)

  4. says

    Good for you,Deb! I made that same decision a while back. It’s been going well with my mom blog, but my poor little freelancing blog is needing some attention badly now that the kids are out of school. I’ve only been freelancing for a year but have already seen how it is ever-changing. But that’s why I like it!


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