Happy Birthday to Deb Day

Actually, Happy Birthday to Deb day is not, as of yet, an official holiday. However since it is her birthday lets take a look back at some posts about blogger pals.

Friends, as I say often, are important to have if you’re a blogger. For example friends like our birthday girl. I promise not to get all lovable here, but I’m really glad I know Deb. We’ve been friends for a while now and she’s one of those pals you can almost always get on Skype when you need to whine, rant, or share good news. She’s awesome about sharing her knowledge of blogging and social media with me and others. PLUS she’s just plain nice (and honest). I can always count on her to tell me if I’m about to do something nuts, but of course she says it nicely :)

I have a lot of friends in the blogosphere, but I’d rate Deb as one of my top three for sure. That said, I obviously like her and sure hope that you stop by Deb’s Twitter, or elsewhere, and say Happy Birthday!

Ok, mushy stuff out of the way, here are some classic and helpful posts about blogger pals from the past…

The cake image above, btw, is from my favorite online cake shop, Pink Cake Box. I LOVE them, and I’m thinking this is a perfect cake for a writer – well next to a little laptop cake, or maybe a cake covered in coffee (for me). Check out their other amazing cakes if you’ve got a few free minutes.


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