Monday Markets for July 6, 2009

In this week’s edition of Monday Markets, I’ve continued my quest for interesting niche publications. I’ve found one for turkey hunters and one for motorcycle enthusiasts who like to ride in Texas. The third magazine on this week’s list caters to people who enjoy sewing.

National Wild Turkey Federation

From the Web Site:

The NWTF publishes six magazines — Turkey Call, Women In The Outdoors, Wheelin’ Sportsmen, Get in the Game and JAKES Magazine — that are available through membership.

The NWTF publishes six magazines — Turkey Call, Women In The Outdoors, Wheelin’ Sportsmen, Get in the Game and JAKES Magazine — that are available through membership.

Articles submitted for publication fulfill the promise of the author’s query and, more importantly, the editor’s assignment. Familiarize yourself with our publications to ensure your material is compatible with the magazine’s format or needs. Articles must be free of spelling errors, grammatically correct and accurate.

Written queries may be submitted via conventional or electronic mail and must fully explain a proposed article and its main points. Queries should include ideas for potential graphic aids and sidebars. Because queries exemplify an author’s writing talent, verbal queries are not acceptable.

Queries allow us to assign specific articles according to our needs. Even though you may have a fantastic article idea, we may have recently published a similar story or have one in our files.

Pays varies, depending on the publication.

Ride Texas Magazine

From the Web Site:

RIDE TEXAS® is an award-winning travel magazine for motorcyclists. We publish the work of a group of regular writers who contribute the bulk of our content, but will consider work from experienced writers. You should have in-depth knowledge and appreciation for Texas and Texana. We emphasize story telling photography and engaging narrative. Our focus is regional and includes Texas and the neighborhood, but we will consider travel topics outside of this area. We include all types of motorcycles on back roads, highways and dual-sport rides. We strongly recommend you see and issue of RTM for the type and style of articles we publish before submitting. It’s also important that you review the Bibliography of Issues to see the articles we’ve published. We won’t cover the same area more than once every 3 years. Submissions about totally new subjects are preferred.

We require first publication rights, so work that has been published elsewhere either in print or on-line cannot be considered for publication in RTM.

Types of articles published

ROAD TRIPS: Broadly speaking, articles should cover the background of the area and insights into the people and places encountered. But your article proposal should provide specifics about your idea. Part of the travel article submission package is the TRIP PLANNER information, which includes an area overview, and a route, as well as reference information. ROADTRIP articles may cover Texas and the surrounding states. But step one is to submit your proposal, and if we’re interested we’ll start an editorial dialogue with you.

PHOTO ESSAYS: If your photographic work is outstanding, we’re interested. Film preferred for photo essays.

DAY TRIPS: Day Trips are less extensive versions of the road trips described above. A Day Trip needs a route of 50 – 80 miles and a unique/quirky/special destination.

READER RIDES: These are probably the best entry for a writer new to RTM. What’s most important is to convey the “being there” feeling of your ride. Please avoid point-to-point descriptions of the route within the article. Concise writing with a unique perspective is desired. Reader Rides should be 750 – 1000 words.

The article will answer: What’s special about this place? Why should someone want to travel here? Think about the reader.

Pays on acceptance. Rate varies, depending on the story.


From the Web Site:

Threads is a bimonthly, how-to magazine celebrating garment sewing, design, embellishment, and machine and hand embroidery. We’re always looking for new authors to help us bring fresh, exciting ideas, techniques, and information to our readers. If you’ve never written anything before, don’t worry. We work with many first-time authors and are far more interested in your excellence in your craft and your innovative ideas than in your ability to spell or punctuate a sentence (that’s where our editors come in).

We’re interested in articles about construction and embellishment techniques, materials, tools, and design. We want the magazine to include both classic and innovative techniques, which produce the best results in the most streamlined manner possible. In particular, we’re interested in articles on dressmaking, tailoring, patternmaking and alteration, fabrics, fitting, and embellishment. We’re also looking for related articles on making interesting closures and buttons, and making unusual fabrics, as well as on intriguing ways of finishing edges and hems.

Our readers span the gamut of skill levels, from those just turning — or returning — to sewing, to those with advanced skills who may even be earning a living at their craft. To accommodate this broad range of readers, as well as those who work in or outside the home and have very little time for their favorite pastime, Threads includes articles geared toward several skill levels and degrees of complexity.

Threads has a paid circulation of about 150,000 readers. The magazine is four-color throughout, and its feature articles are uninterrupted by advertising.

Our point of view

Our emphasis is on teaching techniques, developing skills, understanding finishing details, and providing ample inspiration to help readers begin to create their own uses for this information. We focus on providing the basic information readers need in order to sew successfully.

Pay varies, depending on the story.


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