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Sometimes normal sources of information just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you gotta have friends.

Freelance Writing Jobs for July 23, 2009

I received a lot of emailed notes, posted comments and tweets about my recent lists of markets and places that hire writers. Folks are wondering how I found them. Quite simply, I looked. I thought of different search terms and remembered opportunities I had seen in the past. I went through lots of old notes too. The jobs are out there, you just have to be willing to spend some extra time looking. Also, for those of you who have written in asking if I know anything about the FitzDrake research ads that are all over Craigslist and other places, [Read more…]

Freelance Technology Marketing Writer

Technology writing firm seeks contractor to develop business-to-business white papers, sales guides, marketing collateral, and web content that addresses complex business issues, technologies, and services. Writers must be able to manage multi-document projects at an accelerated pace for fast-growing clients. Job Requirements o The ability to efficiently write and edit clear and concise prose, conduct online research, interview experts, synthesize complex issues and technologies, and effectively communicate verbally with clients o At least five years experience writing about technology issues, products, or services for business audiences in a marketing, sales support, or business development department o Project-management skills and experience [Read more…]

Copy Writer Full Time Needed – Work from Home as a 1099 is looking for an expert web content writer to help create and develop our network of online shopping content sites. Experience with online content management systems (CMS) and SEO are needed. Candidate will work from home as an Independent Contractor. Writer must have superb writing and computer skills. Writer will be paid per assignment completed, and should average between $1500 and $2000 per month. is a growing, dynamic, and leading edge Internet marketing website and is celebrating its 13th year of business. Please send a resume and multiple ONLINE writing clips for consideration, including any blogs and personal [Read more…]

Finance Bloggers – $50 per post

Would you like to join a group of elite financial writers? Yovia has the perfect opportunity for you to earn income and build influence. Simply fill out the form at the URL below. We will contact you via email and request some additional background information and possibly a writing sample. Compensation: $50.00/post ( 4 posts /month) Contact Information: Michelle Amos [email protected] Opportunity: Work from Home

German Writer(s) That Love Poker – $50 per Article

We are looking for people who love poker and have excellent German writing skills. Our gig consists of writing 2 to 50 (600 to 800 word) articles per week. The subject matter is generally free as long as it is related to poker. Your remuneration will be from up to $50 per article depending on the amount and quality of the articles you write. Interested? Please contact me on [email protected] and don’t forget to include a sample of your work.

Freelance Writing Jobs for July 22, 2009

So I spent the better part of yesterday compiling a list of “higher” paying freelance writing opportunities. My goal was to list markets paying over $100 but many paid so much more – several hundred into the thousands. Many of these opportunities are open to brand new writers as well. The thing that struck me was that they weren’t too difficult to find. If I could find 40 freelance writing jobs that pay $100 or more in a couple of days, how many more could I find if I took some time out each day. I guess my point is [Read more…]

Maybe you're not getting jobs because you just can't write

In a post a good long while ago, Do you need to be a good writer to be a good blogger, Deb points out that yes, it helps a great deal to know how to write if you’re a blogger. I agree. Knowing how to write is important. However, I know plenty of excellent writers who don’t get blogging and web writing gigs – writers who are likely better than me. I can write sure, but I’m not one of those genius born to write or die type writers, yet I still get plenty of work. So, how do I [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for July 22, 2009

Well, it looks like I was wrong about gigs picking up mid-week. Still not much out there. However, just because it’s not on a job board doesn’t make a gig invisible. Deb has put together two new excellent resources… 40 Freelance Writing Markets Paying $100 or More (Much More) 50 Places that Hire Freelance Writers You can get a gig – you just need to keep your chin up and keep on truckin’. Anywhere gigs: Parent community blogger – too low of pay IMO BUT also super PT 2 positions – Article Writer/Web Content Writer Environmental Website writer – I’ve [Read more…]

Big Brother Is Totally Watching You

My mom is a little suspicious of modern technology. In fact, she won’t use a loyalty card at the grocery store because she doesn’t want “them” to know what she’s buying. I have to admit, it is a little creepy when the cash register prints out coupons that are specifically geared to whatever the algorithm tells it you might want based on your current purchase of peach yogurt, motor oil, Scotch tape, six miniature bagels, and a greeting card. It does remind you that Big Brother is indeed watching. A whole bunch of Kindle owners felt Big Brother’s gaze fall [Read more…]

RAND Publishing Taps Helium to Source Writers for New Skinny On™ Books

Selected Authors will Earn up to $5k per Title ANDOVER, MA – July 21, 2009 — Helium, the world’s largest writing community, today announced a partnership with RAND Publishing, publisher of The Skinny On™ series of illustrated non-fiction books. Under the partnership, RAND Publishing will leverage Helium’s social publishing platform to identify the most appropriate authors for up to twenty-five new titles, such as The Skinny On Finance for Young Adults and The Skinny on Social Networking. Selected writers will be chosen by Helium and paid between $3,500 and $5,000 per title. First launched in 2008 by acclaimed author, attorney [Read more…]

What Are Your Ambitions?

Can you remember the point in your life when you thought, “I want to make a living from writing”? Whether it be paid blogger, an article writer, a journalist, a novelist or screenplay writer; was there an actual clear as a bell lightning strike from the creative heavens? It’s difficult not romanticise yourself gently placing down your finished copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ and staring off toward the setting sun, breathing the words, “I hear your words Mr Fitzgerald and I answer your call. I will take up your mantle and write the next great American novel.” When your realisations [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for July 21, 2009

It’s a cool, rainy Tuesday. It kind of puts a damper on some summery plans, but I always have a backup plan ready. I also have a backup plan for my writing. Do you? For instance, what happens if your clients don’t have work for you? What happens if the content site you write for stops accepting submissions? What happens if those of us who provide daily job leads take a collective day off? Do you have a backup plan? If writing is your livelihood, you might consider putting one in place. Not a great day, leads-wise, but still some [Read more…]

I didn't check my email all day… AND the world didn't end!

I’m detouring from our get a job series today to gloat. If you want to review the current series check out… How to get blogging jobs and web writing jobs – getting started Finding blog gigs – starting out with no clips How to get a blogging job – advice from b5media’s hiring editor How to get a blogging job – advice from Deb Ng of FWJ Now on with the gloat – I didn’t check my email and survived to tell you about it! I’m super frustrated right now because I’m moving August 1st, which means I need to [Read more…]

Monday Markets for July 20, 2009

Paste Magazine From the Web Site: About the Magazine Paste magazine is a monthly publication focusing on music, film, books and other forms arts and entertainment. We focus on a variety of musical genres—-rock, singer/songwriters,, Americana, indie rock, world music, electronica and whatever else we think will grab music-lovers seeking something a little deeper. Paste strives to cover the best music in this eclectic mix, devoting space to independent musicians alongside more established artists. The tagline, “Signs of Life in Music, Film and Culture,” refers to the depth and meaning we feel the best art is capable of conveying….Our [Read more…]

Stand Up To Your Inner Bully

Bullying is not limited to the schoolyard, unfortunately. Even though I am way past the age when I would be going out for recess, I still get bullied. No, I’m not talking about people who use keyboard courage to say something snarky. The worst bully I know is…me. We all have an inner dialogue and there are times when mine is particularly nasty. It tells me things that I would never say to another living person. What does my inner bully have to do with finding freelance writing jobs? Well, it used to prevent me from applying for certain gigs [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for July 20, 2009

Hello everyone, hope you had a good weekend. If you missed them over the weekend check out Finding blog gigs – starting out with no clips and How to get a blogging job – advice from Deb Ng of FWJ. Not too many gigs today – hopefully things pick up by Wednesday. You can also check out Deb’s job listings if you like. Anywhere gigs: Sustainable Technology and Design Blogger – kind of lowish pay unless you know the topic very well and work fast, then it’s ok. Sports Blogger/Reporter (Experience Required) Blogger at Task FM – I swear I [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, July 20, 2009

I did a little surfing this weekend. So many writers send emails saying they don’t know where to look for work or that no one is hiring. I know this isn’t true. There’s a vast assortment of places – in both web and print – looking to hire or accepting submissions from freelance writers. A couple of hours of research led to my post on the homepage – 50 Places That Hire Freelance Writers. In fact, I found enough people who are hiring that there will probably be another post of 50 more very soon.I don’t think it’s that  there [Read more…]

How to get a blogging job – advice from Deb Ng of FWJ

During our how to get blogging and web writing series we’re looking at some of the experience that clients are looking for in a blogger or online writer. Last week we heard from Kori Ellis, an editor at b5media. Today we’re going to hear from someone familiar to you – Deb. BUT just in case you’re stopping by and are new to Blogging For A Living, Deb Ng is the founder of Freelance Writing Jobs, co-owner of the blog Kommein – a blog for community managers and author of the ebook “Beyond Blogging: Using Your Blogging Skills for Bigger and [Read more…]

Finding blog gigs – starting out with no clips

If you want to work as a blogger or web writer and by work, I mean make a living, then you have to start somewhere. Of all the email questions I get, “How do I actually get started without a portfolio” is probably the most common question. It’s true that clients want to see clips but most don’t care what sort of clips they care more that you wrote the clips well. Are there clips in your past? If you honestly feel you have zip in the way of a portfolio, the first thing to do is take another look [Read more…]

Happy Birthday to Deb Day

Actually, Happy Birthday to Deb day is not, as of yet, an official holiday. However since it is her birthday lets take a look back at some posts about blogger pals. Friends, as I say often, are important to have if you’re a blogger. For example friends like our birthday girl. I promise not to get all lovable here, but I’m really glad I know Deb. We’ve been friends for a while now and she’s one of those pals you can almost always get on Skype when you need to whine, rant, or share good news. She’s awesome about sharing [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for July 17, 2009

This past week was a good lesson in Murphy’s Law. Sometimes things are out of our hands. We an obsess and stress or we can use them to create other opportunities. For me, being forced to find a new host wasn’t a setback, it was good news. It meant that so many people like what we do, we we have to find a bigger home to accomadate them all. Now, life is getting back to normal and it’s all good. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Leads… General Freelance Writing Jobs Need a Series of Criminal Justice/Social Welfare Reports Press [Read more…]

Freelance Friday Quote

Ah, the joy of working with editors: “I handed in a script last year and the studio didn’t change one word. The word they didn’t change was on page 87.” -Steve Martin

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for July 16, 2009

Where the heck have we been? Click here. In other news, since I’ve been MIA there are a ton of leads today… Anywhere gigs: Senior blogger – and by senior I think they might mean experienced, not that you’ll be blogging about seniors, although it’s not the most well written ad, I could be wrong. PBS MediaShift blogger / editor Web Content Writer Seeking Writers For Bay Area Sports Teams Entertainment Editor Content Writer Freelance Writer – Online Tech Magazine Health technology writer for CNET – ooooo, I LOVE CNET! Online Brand Evangelist and Blogger (Contract) – environmentally friendly consumer [Read more…]

Which Type of Writer Are You?

Are you a fast writer? Can you slam out a page in no time at all? Do you book tons of work and get it all done in a day so that you can lark away the rest of the week? Or maybe you book yourself solid and procrastinate until the day before it’s all due. Then you ride the high of deadline pressure and knock it out victoriously. Or, maybe you’re slow. Maybe you have to do a little every day and chip away at it. Maybe you struggle a bit on long projects or need to take breaks [Read more…]

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