They're Talking About You Over There

I actually only “allow” one of my clients to be my friend on Facebook. I mean, I’m happy to have them follow me on Twitter (@berrybrewer, by the way) or to read this blog, but I tend to hold to the idea that Facebook friends should be, well, friends.

I do have one exception, however. I’d like to say that it’s because this particular client is so awesome (he totally is, for your information) or because he was one of my first clients ever and so I made special dispensation, but the fact of the matter is that we friended each other before I made my stalwart decision to exclude those who don’t need to know that I’m having a mental breakdown at one a.m. because their project happens to be due the next morning.

I am so glad that I made that exception, though, because his most recent status update introduced me to an awesome blog called Things White People Like. As a lily-white, college-educated American woman who likes to use big words (“sanctimonious” comes to mind, for example), some of the posts there hit a little too close to home.

When I came across this one, though, I thought of you. While I don’t actually own a Moleskine notebook, I’ve certainly been known to pack around my “great ideas” notebooks…in addition to my laptop. I’m curious if any of the rest of you cringe just a tad when you read it.


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    Hey B-B. I go in generally Latino circles, and they’re always teasing me that white people like baloney. I do like baloney. I’ll have to check that site out and see if that’s in there, lol. Great job with the new blog gig :)

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