Writing Tip of the Day: Follow the Freelancers

picture-1Where do the freelancers in your town gather? Networking functions? Coffee shops? Every once in a while it’s good for the hermit writer to shake off the cobwebs, pack up their laptop and head to where there’s action.

The other day I left the comforts of my house to do an in person interview and while I was out I stopped over at a hot coffee house that caters to all types of clientel, but freelancers tend to pop up there pretty frequently. Not only did I have fun, I re-connected with a graphic designer friend who rekindled a dormant project we had discussed.

Getting out of your regular work setting can recharge your batteries and give you the opportunity to connect with those who have similar interests and get your business card or brochure in front of new people.


  1. Phil says

    Suggest that rather than or in addition to following freelancers, connect with other professionals (yes, you are one)…carpenters, plumbers, lawyers, doctors, all have many of the same business challenges as freelancers. Find those who have met these challenges successfully and network with them.


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