Day One of My "Week Off"

My “secret” to running a successful business while still having ample time to spend with my toddler is two-fold. First of all, I don’t try that hard.

OK, that’s sort of oversimplifying it; what I mean to say is that I don’t work full-time hours. I spend approximately 12 hours a week at my office, and I usually put in more hours at home, depending on how much needs to be done.

My real secret weapon, though, is my Mother’s Helper. Virginia has been with us for just less than a year, and I truly believe that if the house was on fire, Dot would save her and leave Mama and Papa to their own devices. She looooves Virginia. As you can imagine, this is great for me.

Unless, of course, Virginia wants a vacation.

This week, Virginia is off on some fancy trip with her stupid husband and their stupid dog, and I am home with one very sick baby. I planned ahead, however, and have very little work on my schedule for the week. (See, told you I don’t try that hard.) 😉

So, day one of Operation Stay at Home Mom is over, and everyone seems to have survived. What would you do if you just weren’t supposed to be working for a week? I…um…worked. But not much. Why do I feel extremely defensive all of a sudden?

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of my first day at home.

• Wake up and spend ten minutes washing gunk off the baby’s eyelashes so she can actually open her eyes (disgusting!)
• Discover that I have no Internet connection
• Freak out about current lack of Gmail/Twitter/Facebook/LiveJournal/Outlook
• Swallow my panic and call my husband, who happens to be an IT guy
• Run anti-virus software
• Attempt to feed baby who has no appetite
• Get ansty waiting for anti-virus software to scan
• Take the baby for a walk to distract us both
• Return home to find the Internet is up and running!
• Try to feed the baby again, while obsessively checking to see if Big Client has responded to yesterday’s email
• Read Hop on Pop five-hundred and seventy-nine times
• Clean the kitchen, clean the living room, clean the bathroom
• Get baby down for a nap
• Call writing team members to make last-minute changes to this week’s articles
• Finally get email from Big Client – it’s not good news
• Get call from another client. Despite telling her I’m not working this week, somehow get talked into staying up after the baby goes to sleep tonight to write a bio
• Pry the baby’s eyes open again (sooo gross!)
• Play with toys, dance in the living room, try to protect cat and baby from one another
• Husband is home!
• Eat dinner, try to get the baby to eat
• Baby and Papa take a bath and Mama sneaks off to work on a project for Big Client
• Rock baby to sleep and get back to work
• Procrastinate by blogging about my day

Of course, this depiction is less than accurate because I didn’t include the 750 nose wipes or the comparable number of times that I checked Facebook. I wonder what my second “day off” holds in store!

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