Query Quick Tip: Get Your Query to the Right Editor

Picture 5Many writers don’t realize the importance of making sure their query makes it to the correct editor. The writing market is more competitive than ever with publications either downsizing or folding completely there are more writers looking for a way into the remaining or newest magazines. Time is of the essence and being accurate with your query is an essential part to making the cut. It also shows you pay attention to detail and that makes a better impression than a “Dear Editor” query with generic name title that was forwarded on by someone in a completely different department.

Checking the masthead is no longer enough to make sure you’re sending your piece to the right person. As a result of the shifts in the publishing world, many editors and editorial assistants have changed departments, positions or moved to new magazines and the magazine’s latest masthead may not reveal the changes. Take the time to place a quick call or email to ensure that the person you’re trying to contact is still in the same position.

Same goes for contacts you currently have in your roster. Not everyone sends out those helpful and courteous emails that informs their contacts they are leaving or changing positions and even less people are listing who the new contact person will be, so it’s up to you to send a quick shout out.

Not taking the time to pin point the correct editor/editorial assistant is like taking your query and tossing it into the wind. It has about the same chance of making it into the publication. Don’t waste your time or other editor’s by sending your info to the wrong person.

Got a query question? Email me ([email protected]) and get your answers in my next Query Quick Tip column!


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