Things Not to Do with a Sick Toddler

Lorna last week:

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Things not to do with a sick toddler:

1. Drive 539 miles in one day – Spokane to Billings
2. Expose tons of other little kids to her illness – Sorry, cousins and cousins’ friends.
3. Let her put her fingers in your mouth – Now I’m sick, too.
4. Feed her dairy products – Hello, mucous.
5. Attend an hour+ -long church service – She sure looked cute in her matching hat and dress, though.
6. Expect her to spend more than five consecutive minutes without being held – My arms ache!
7. Drive another 535 miles – Billings to Helena, Helena to Spokane


  1. Between my kids’ 5 cousins, all of them always got each others germs. Guess what? Now all 7 have immunity-of-steel.

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