Why a Targeted Job Search Works Best

As freelance writers, we spend a certain amount of our time in search of new projects. When you are looking for work, do you apply to ads blindly, or do you limit your search to those that closely match your skills and abilities?

Sometimes we can get caught up in wanting to stay busy and we think that if we keep applying for available jobs that we will keep our plates full with plenty of work. This isn’t the best strategy, though. A highly-targeted approach to looking for work is going to be more successful.

I know that I have written that applying for freelance writing jobs is partly a numbers game, and it is. The more opportunities that you apply for, the more you will end up getting hired for. However, you will also increase your chances if you are applying for gigs that are a good fit for you.

Read the ad carefully to see if you can picture yourself doing the job. Some ads seem to be written with you in mind, and by all means throw your hat into the ring and tell the client that you would like to be considered for it.

Why You Should Skip the Ads That Aren’t a Good Fit

If you come across an ad that isn’t really a good fit because of the subject, type of writing, or pay, move on to something else. It’s important to value your time as a freelance writer. You only have so many hours in the day, and the time that you are spending preparing cover letters and getting your resume and samples ready to submit to the client is better spent looking for something that will fit your needs better and help you reach your goals.

If you are spending a certain portion of your day looking for freelance writing gigs and you don’t find any ads to respond to that day, then use the time to make cold calls, prepare a pitch for a potential client that you are interested in working with, or contacting previous clients about their writing needs.

Do you target your search when looking for freelance writing jobs?


  1. Rebecca says

    I only apply to gigs that are a good fit. I prefer to write about law and business and even though I COULD write about more popular topics like fashion, celebrities, and green living, I don’t have interest or expertise in those areas. I would rather leave those opportunities for people who have a passion for the subject matter.

  2. says

    These are very good points you make, Jodee. I only apply for jobs that seem to be up my alley, as it’s very time consuming to send out resumes, samples, etc. Thanks for reinforcing my belief that I”m on the right track!


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