On Taking Swipes at Other Bloggers

Writers often ask each other about their “passion”. Passion is what leads us to write about what we love every single day. Passion is what makes us good at what we do. Passion makes us who we are. My passion is blogging. It’s an addiction.  I wake up and all I want to do is blog. That may sound silly to some, but it’s what I love and what I hope to do forever.

What makes me not so passionate is all the “I’m so not like you so I’m going to do everything I can to trash you and bring you down without actually mentioning your name” blogging that’s going on among my peers. It makes blogging less fun, less enjoyable.  I’m guilty of it too – I’ve used “certain bloggers” or “some bloggers” when I disagree. I’m pretty sure those bloggers know exactly who I’m talking about. I also know when they’re talking about me with their swipes, especially when they quote specific words from my daily arsenal. I read your message loud and clear.

All this anger and swiping at people who don’t agree is making blogging lose its luster. Can’t we all get along?

Here’s my vow: no more swipes at “other bloggers.” If I disagree with something, I’ll do so in a respectful manner. I’m not out to ruin anyone’s reputation. I’m not on campaigns to knock anyone down a peg or steal away their community. I’m not boycotting anyone or encouraging others to do the same. I’m not doing searches on other bloggers’ blogs to find stuff to throw in their faces or hold against them. That’s not me or how I work.

I’m happy if I have 10 visitors or 10,000 as long as they’re all positive members of this community.  It’s hard to lead by example when in the middle of cat fights and disputes over wages, sponsorships or writing for free. I’m putting a stop to it on this end.  It’s too silly and too petty. Everyone has good advice and valid points. I’m not going to discourage anyone from taking another blogger’s advice because everyone brings a valid point or opinion to the table. I think we get so caught up in making sure our message is the right one, or that our point of view is the one that counts the most, that we lost site of what’s most important – helping other writers and bloggers succeed.

Life’s too short for negativity.

No more swiping. At least not from me.


  1. Karen Molloy says

    Actually, Deb. I’d love it if you took swipes at certain bloggers. I’m talking about the bloggers who get up on their soapboxes, preach against the low paying jobs and turn around and post those same jobs on their blogs to bring in traffic.

    Using a disclaimer doesn’t make them any less of a hypocrite.

    • says

      Sorry, Karen. No swipes. No fights. No engagement. I’m done with negative blogging. I don’t feel good about myself or my blogging afterward. It’s new leaf and clean slate time.

  2. says

    Well at least you don’t name names. I’ve seen some bloggers write nine page tirades about people who have made them mad. And since people love a good blog fight, they of course get all sorts of traffic. It’s insane.

    Anyway just keep rolling with what ya got. Eventually those people will move onto their next target.

    Keep up the good work :)

    • says

      I don’t name names or insult other bloggers. I have named and linked to bloggers during discussions though, it’s only fair. I don’t believe in slander, defamation or trying to bring someone else down. As far as I’m concerned these room in the blogosphere for everyone and resorting to insults, name calling or cattiness is immature.

  3. says

    I don’t have any idea what you are talking about. I have not said anything about anybody. I talk about the things that I have experienced and that’s all. I am new to blogging so I can’t even imagine what you are talking about. maybe you have the wrong person because I don’t know you nor have I said anything about you or anyone else.

    • says

      Hi Pamela,

      I’m not sure why you think I was writing about you? I don’t know who you are and I wasn’t calling you (or anyone) out.

      I really wasn’t referring to anyone in particular. I’m just tired of bloggy negativity.

  4. says

    In your quote “what’s most important – helping other writers and bloggers succeed.”, let me just say that you do exactly that Deb. The information you have here does help other writers and bloggers. I have personally used much of your advice here. Really that is what we should all be about…helping each other, our fellow writers and bloggers. Traffic brought to a blog simply for the blog fight will never last long and there really is no long term “profit” in that type of traffic. Bringing traffic because you are helpful and have useful information…now that is traffic you can build a business on

    • says

      Thanks, Kenneth. I’m going to focus more on spreading a positive message and responding to the needs of this community and less on caring what others think of me.

      Good to see you here and please don’t be a stranger.

  5. says

    I’m sorry. this was my first email from you and I have just started to blog. when I read I thought that I was being picked on. So sorry again. I am sensitive about blogging but only for positive thoughts and not to bash or hurt anyone. I agree with you to use your words to help and not hurt.

    • says

      Pamela, you must be getting email notifications of posts or be subscribed to post replies. :-)

      Deb- does your email notifications of new posts have you listed as the sender? You might want to change the sender to FWJ, so those new guys don’t think you’re gonna get’em :-)

  6. Barbara Alvarez says

    Deb, I agree wholeheartedly. Some on “our” DS forums get caught up in detailing what’s happening with their articles and life in general, so much so that they wind up tearing others down. It becomes a virtual train wreck in there. That’s when I leave. It’s really hurtful when someone is only trying to help out. I support your decision completely. Barbara

  7. says

    I laughed when I read this because of Swiper from Dora.

    Right about the internet. It is big and we can all have our space. This reminds me of the hate that just happened on twitter with the Nestle uproar. yikes.

  8. says

    I, too, have a great passion for blogging and hope to be able to do it one day full time instead of part time.

    I enjoy reading blogs that provide helpful information useful to writers/bloggers, and that is why I visit Freelance Writing Gigs daily. It’s sad that some people have nothing better to do than tear people down.

    Positive community is a good thing. We can all learn from each other.


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