Bringing Community Back: FWJ's Giving Away $150!


Once upon a time there was a blog. This blog had several thousand visitors each day. They shared. They chatted. They commiserated. It was all good. Soon some mean people came by and began scaring away the happy chatters. The vibe changed from warm and fuzzy to not so much fun anymore. The owner did her best to build up community, but she was so busy with her projects and her job it wasn’t happening. She put a comment policy into place but the damage was already done. She had a reputation for having a community that liked to bicker.

She wants to change that.

If you remember the days when FWJ was a huge, lively community of writers helping writers, you may miss the golden days as well. Let’s try and get it all back. Several years ago, we built this community with a contest – a comments contest. We offered a $25 gift certficate to the person with the most comments. People came and never left. It was good.

We’re doing it again, except we’re upping the ante.

Beginning today, October 1st, we’re giving away $150 to the people who help to bring back this wonderful community. We’re giving away three $50 prizes.

  • The person with the most comments between now and October 31st, on the homepage Freelance Writing Jobs blog, will receive $50.
  • The person with the most comments across the whole FWJ network by the end of the month, that’s all of the blogs, will receive $50.
  • The FWJ blogger who does the most to build community and join the conversation will win $50 at the end of the month.

Just a few notes:

  • Comments that only say ” I agree” or add nothing to the conversation won’t count.
  • Comments not adhering to our comment policy will be deleted and won’t count.
  • Spammy comments or comment dropping links – unless they’re truly offering something to the conversation – won’t count.

I know you’re here. I see the numbers. Thousand of people visit each day and even more subscribe. Come join the conversation. Let’s bring community back!


  1. says

    Bravo for taking back control of FWJ. I subscribe to this blog for exactly that reason – community. But where’s the community? I haven’t seen it since I signed on and will help get it going again.

    There’s so much to write about and not the same stuff that’s repeated ad nauseam. We all agree that the business has changed and we aren’t making the money we used to. We know the respect for our craft isn’t what it used to be. We know the competition is fierce not to mention how many self-styled writers are blogging, tweeting, etc. about every little thing without research, depth of knowledge and a lack of attention to grammar and spell check. If every Tom, Dick & Harriet is writing, the pool of writers overflows with detritus and the level expertise is depleted.

    We all need mentors and we can all mentor others. I would love to see small groups that meet virtually or via teleconference with clear cut agendas to spur each other on. If you are interested in this let me know.

    All that aside, why don’t we chat about what is working. What we are working on. How to improve our skills. And above all let’s share what we know, ask about what we don’t know and receive solid advice. Let’s support each other’s writing and praise the unique, well-written work. Let’s help expand each other’s audience by alerting our individual networks about the great writing going on. While we are at it can we have some fun?

    I’m here and ready to participate!

  2. says

    Your blog has inspired me to write again! : ) Online writing is a different type of writing and I am in the process of learning the craft. Lately I had been very discouraged and uninspired to write. Your blog, links, and adds have great info and tips on writing. Thank you!! : )

    • says


      Yay! I’m glad you getting your groove back on the writing front. Writing for the web is definitely different. Your audience has a short attention span…I think you just inspired my next post!

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