Double Ds

Below you will find several sets of letters. If you add the same letter to both the beginning and the end of the group, you will have formed a real word. For example, _REA_ would become “DREAD” when a D is placed at the beginning and the end. Put your answer in the comments without looking at what other people have said.

1. _quat_
2. _ero_
3. _inimalis_
4. _ro_


  1. Jennifer Wingard says:

    1. SquatS
    2. BeroB or CeroC
    3. MinimalisM
    4. TroT

  2. 1. Squats
    2. Berob
    3. Minimalism
    4. Prop, Trot, Grog (alcohol), Croc (short for crocodile)

  3. The first one can be “squats”, but also “Equate”…

  4. Lorna Doone Brewer says:

    The ones I came up with are actually a little different in some cases. Here’s what I was going for:

    1. EquatE
    2. XeroX
    3. MinimalisM
    4. TroT

  5. Oooh! XeroX and EquatE were great! I don’t know how I missed them — I run the whole alphabet through my head when I do these games. :o)

  6. AHha i hate these questions, every time they appear in a quiz i always skip it.

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