Freelance Writing Jobs for October 29, 2009

Getting down to the wire. All those last minute, end of the month details need tending to. What are some of the things you take care of at the end of the month in order to make a positive beginning when the new month starts?

Here’s what’s new around the network:

Enjoy today’s leads…

Content and Web Writing Jobs

  1. Writers for Click Work (To be honest, I’m not sure how this works.)
  2. Editorial Freelancing – WordFirm
  3. Writers for Street Authority
  4. Financial Writers – Street Authority – $12/article
  5. Social Change Career Guides –
  6. Telecommuting Writers and Editors– LoveToKnow
  7. Freelance Writer – Barnes & Noble Spark Notes
  8. 25 Student Loan Consolidation Articles Needed
  9. Travel Writers for
  10. Freelance Writers for Bright Hub
  11. Motorcycle Media Writer
  12. Writer for Website – Dallas/Irving
  13. Help Writing Content for Ads and Websites

Blogger Jobs

  1. Be a Blogger for

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Content Editors – Northend Networks
  2. Managing Medical Editor
  3. Website Content Editor
  4. Quality Assurance Editors & Proofreaders – SpectraMedi
  5. News Editor – Irving, TX

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Part Time Copywriter – Los Angeles
  2. Freelance Direct Response Copywriter
  3. Agency Copywriter – Grand Rapids – MI
  4. PR & Copywriting – San Diego
  5. Interactive Copywriter – Dallas TX
  6. Pharmaceutical Advertising Copywriters – Philadelphia
  7. Freelance Part Time Copywriter – Alabama
  8. Creative Copywriter – Princeton NJ
  9. Copywriter – Organic & Eco-Friendly Living

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Technical Writer – Troy MI

Business Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Sales Proposal Writer – NYC
  2. Writer for Small Business Plan – Hermosa Beach
  3. Business Plan – NYC – $150

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Resume Writers– CyberEdit

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Writer – Fashion & Travel
  2. Freelance Writer – T.D. Monthly – Scroll down for freelance listing
  3. Writers for CopyDesk
  4. Technology Marketing Writer – Full Telecommute
  5. Online Writing Lab Tutor
  6. Analysts – $40 – $50/hour – Click N Work
  7. Financial Accounting Writer – NYC
  8. Freelance Editor/Writer – NYC
  9. 4 to 6 Writers Needed – Not sure about pay
  10. Freelance Writer for Web Based Educational Company – Westchester NY
  11. Essay Writer Needed
  12. Writer Needed for Healthcare Topics
  13. Business Writer/Editor
  14. Real Estate Writer – Macomb County
  15. Large Vehicle Troubleshooting – Sealy TX
  16. Looking for a Medical Writer – Los Angeles
  17. Women Comedy Writers – Los Angeles
  18. Seeking Creative Writers – Los Angeles
  19. Call for Book Reviewers
  20. Student Journal Seeking Writers – NYC
  21. Bio for Up and Coming Writer

International & Foreign Language Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Culture Writers -Auburn Hills MI

Magazine Submissions, Guidelines and Markets

  1. Muscle & Fitness Writers for Hers Magazine
  2. Freelance Writers for Event and Entertainment Magazine Articles – Atlanta
  3. Pith Magazine
  4. Creative Talented Writers Needed – Detriot

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  1. Cindy says

    Number 1 under Content Jobs (click-n-work) shows the last update for “Opportunities” as January 14, 2007. Just an FYI.

  2. Anne G. says

    Last minute around here varies,there’s the mortgage payment and utilities for bills. All but one of my employers pay weekly and their accounting system works effectively, so I don’t have to invoice. Paid the last payment on my car last month, so no more car payments for now! YEAH.

    I have one employer who pays monthly on the 1st, but they only include the work they’ve completed editing, so I hold of doing any work in the last week of the month for them. Ten articles I turned in last week are still waiting on the editors to get around to looking it over, so at this point, I don’t expect those will make it into this coming month’s paycheck. That’s one of the biggest issues I have with month end. I get those articles done in the five day deadline, so I still feel editors should have their own five day deadline, but that’s an argument I’ve yet to win.

    Beyond that, 20 percent of my daughter’s class has now been diagnosed with H1N1 and three confirmed cases have hit my son’s school, so I’m just waiting to see how long before it hits us.

  3. says

    Giggling at the up and coming writer who needs someone else to write her bio. I know some people have trouble writing about themselves, but it’s still kind of funny.

  4. says

    Haha, Robin! Good point … BTW, the application for Number 6 under “General/Misc. jobs” asks for mother’s maiden name. Am I just being paranoid, or does that suspicious to anyone else?

  5. says

    The last week has been full with lots of writing. I was paid today by a company I wasn’t too sure if I would be paid, so that was a nice surprise.

    I work for two other companies that pay weekly.

    I do have one company that pays monthly, I bill them on the last day of the month, and no predict as to when I get paid the following month, but it’s worth the wait because it’s steady.

    I also have a site for google ads and watch the month’s total at the end to see how much I’ll earn, fingers crossed on that one.

    With the holidays approaching in November, I know I will be busy the first part of November. I write quite a bit about film and the industry goes to sleep the week of Thanksgiving. It then wakes up a bit and goes back to sleep through Christmas and New Years.

    Have a great Halloween everyone!!!

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