FWJ Contest Ending Soon!

Picture 7Our FWJ Contest: “Bring Community Back” ends on Halloween. In case you don’t know what’s at stake – can you say $150? Here are the rules:

We’re giving away three $50 prizes.

  • The person with the most comments between now and October 31st, on the homepage Freelance Writing Jobs blog, will receive $50.
  • The person with the most comments across the whole FWJ network by the end of the month, that’s all of the blogs, will receive $50.
  • The FWJ blogger who does the most to build community and join the conversation will win $50 at the end of the month.

Just a few notes:

  • Comments that only say ” I agree” or add nothing to the conversation won’t count.
  • Comments not adhering to our comment policy will be deleted and won’t count.
  • Spammy comments or comment dropping links – unless they’re truly offering something to the conversation – won’t count.

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  1. says

    Play Nice
    I can hear those words ring in my memory
    From my mother whenever an argument started
    Either with my brother and me or a play friend
    She was always the mediator to keep the peace
    She would also say
    If you can’t say anything nice
    Don’t say anything at all
    Do you remember the rules at your house?
    Were they the same as mine?
    If not, what did your momma say to you?
    How many of these nice rules do we live by today?
    Treat others like you want to be treated.
    A kind word turns away, anger.
    Linda Oliphant
    Columbus, Indiana

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