Is Your ‘WAHMiness’ Getting in the Way?

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“I’m not looking for a WAHM,” the potential client told me. “I’m looking for a writer.” Whoa. Does that mean that work at home moms can’t be writers?  While you and I both know that there are hundreds of talented WAHMs earning a very good living, the truth is, we get a bum rap.  People […]

Double Ds

Below you will find several sets of letters. If you add the same letter to both the beginning and the end of the group, you will have formed a real word. For example, _REA_ would become “DREAD” when a D is placed at the beginning and the end. Put your answer in the comments without […]

Freelance Writing for Beginners: Step 2: Setting Your Freelance Writing Rates


Freelance writing rates are a very personal thing. No other topic breeds as many debates between beginning and more advanced writers. No other topic pits the content site writers against the journalists. If there’s a discussion regarding rates, be prepared for the controversy that will follow. We couldn’t do a series for beginners without including […]

Is it Luck or Hard Work That Spells Success?

I’ve been thinking about luck and freelancing lately. I’ve noticed something that I tend to do, and I’ve decided that I need to give myself an attitude adjustment. Here’s the scoop: I’ve caught myself explaining to people who have been kind enough to ask about my writing career that I’ve been very lucky. A friend […]

FWJ is Looking for Writers for In Depth Series

FWJ is looking to profile various freelance writing genres and niches, and help writers to find these types of jobs. So far we have series planned on CopyWriting, Technical Writing, and Grant Writing. We’re also looking to create series based on: Magazine Writing: How to break in, how to query, how to write for magazines […]

Health Writers Needed for

LIVESTRONG™.com is looking for freelance writers in the San Diego area with demonstrated experience and expertise in Health, Fitness and Nutrition. As a LIVESTRONG™.com writer, you’ll be able to share your health related knowledge with a vibrant community of health aficionados and regular folks looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Launched in July 2008, LIVESTRONG™.com […]

From Blog to Small Business

Deb’s note: I started writing this post on the plane to Las Vegas (and BlogWorld) last week. Since then I’ve seen Darren Rowse’s post at ProBlogger called, “The #1 One Reason My Blogging Grew into a Business.” Check it out if you can, it’s a must -read for anyone who wants to blog for a […]