Cut! How to Shorten Your Web Articles

A recent commenter here at FWJ wrote she was having trouble making the transition to web articles from traditional print. Writing for the web is significantly different as I pointed out in “P.U.! Why that Web Article Stinks.” When people go to the web, they are often in short attention span mode.  Most readers hit the headline, skim for the important points and are onto the next piece before you can say, “Whoa!” If you bring your print mentality to the web you’ll find yourself dropped faster than a 486 PC. So how to make the cut? Bullet points and [Read more…]

Freelance Writing: What is a Livable Wage?


I just had the most wonderful day at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo talking to freelance writers from around the country. This is the first year I met so many people who were actually looking to break into writing in addition to blogging. I also met quite a few veteran writes with impressive backgrounds. We discussed so many issues and topics of interest to freelance writers today. The most interesting conversation we had was when we discussed a “livable wage.” Before I get into my opinion of a livable wage, I’d like to say the discussions we had were [Read more…] Hiring Writers for Several Channels

LoveToKnow is a fabulous content provider, seeking a freelance writer to create web articles and slideshows on a variety of topics on an ongoing basis. LoveToKnow is a fast-growing content site with useful articles in channels devoted to a variety of popular topics. We are actively hiring writers right now. We are looking for writers with expertise in one or more of the following areas: Cheerleading, Cycling, Cocktails and Mixology, Origami and Paper Crafts, Home Improvement, Appliances, and Teens. Pay is per article (generally $20 for a 650+ word article) and work is part-time, but we ask writers to commit [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday, October 16, 2009

Good morning and Happy Friday FWJ Friends! I hope that everyone has a great weekend and takes some time for themselves. Deb will be back on Monday, and I’m sure she will have some interesting posts to share about her experiences at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo. Here’s what’s new around the FWJ network: Building a Blog vs. Building Trust The One Way to Keep Your Freelance Clients Coming Back for More Why You Won’t Get Famous Blogging for Someone Else The Freelance Writing World: Big Enough for Everyone Why I Can Be Smug, A Blog Action Day Post [Read more…]

Twitter for Freelance Writers


This isn’t the first time we’re discussing Twitter. In the past we discussed why freelance writers need to embrace Twitter and, also, people to follow on Twitter. We’ve been discussing the importance of social media for a couple of years now. Contrary to popular belief, Twitter isn’t social media. It’s a microblogging site. It’s simply one of a number of online social media tools. Though many traditional writers have been reluctant to embrace Twitter, I’ve been using it for years with much success. Case in point: A few days ago, a tweet from Media Bistro sent several thousands of readers [Read more…]

We All Want It That Way

Yesterday I talked a bit about why it’s so great not to have an office job.  Then I saw this video, and I’m thinking it wouldn’t be all bad.  This totally made me smile, even if I do have this song stuck in my head now.

The Freelance Writing World: Big Enough for Everyone

I consider myself to be a feminist, and have been since the ’70s. Not in the “women of the world unite; all men are evil” way, though. I like and respect men, and I think that gender shouldn’t be the reason why girls and women shouldn’t be able to define success in any way that they choose. When it comes to the world of freelance writing and writers, I don’t think there is any “one size fits all” definition of success. When I started writing, I thought it would be wonderful if I could make enough money to buy groceries [Read more…]

Why I Can Be Smug, A Blog Action Day Post

So, in case you’re living under a rock, or like me, you’ve been attending to a sick baby for days and haven’t poked around the Internet, I’ll let you know that today is Blog Action Day. It’s something that’s been going on for a few years now where thousands of bloggers all write about one specific topic on one specific day in the hopes that some actual change will come about and the world will be all copasetic and stuff. This year’s topic is Global Warming. No, wait. Scratch that. It’s on Climate Change. Despite having gotten half a dozen [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 15, 2009

Good morning FWJ Friends! It may be getting colder outside but we have some warm leads for you right here. We hope you will check out what’s happening around the network. Here are some posts you may have missed: What is Success….and How Much Does it Cost? The One Way to Keep Your Freelance Clients Coming Back for More Leads… Article Writing Gigs Freelance Article Writers Wanted Writers ($10 per article) Website Writers/Interns for Monthly Publication – Boston Blogging Gigs Blog Writer Wanted Copy Writing/Editing Gigs Copywriter – Proposals – Creative Circle/Dallas Freelance Editor – Chicago Copywriter – On Site [Read more…]

Building a Blog vs. Building Trust

Domino effect

I spent a lot of time between last night and now thinking about trust and how we trust certain authors, bloggers, writers and online personalities. It’s easy to build a blog, it’s not easy to build trust. When someone you trust to present accurate information edits information to serve her puproses or otherwise does something to betray that trust, it’s like a knife in the back to that blog’s community. As bloggers we can write anything we want, really. Sure now we have to throw in some disclaimers, but the sky is the limit. We can trash people on our [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 14, 2009

Good morning FWJ Friends! Deb is on her way to Las Vegas for BlogWorld and New Media Expo and I get to do leads for the next few days. Here’s what’s new around the FWJ Network: Business Blogs for Freelance Writing Business Owners to Follow Writing Tip of the Day: Threesomes are Tricky Why You Won’t Get Famous Blogging for Someone Else 27 Writing Quotes, 1 for Every Occasion (ish) Leads… Content Writing Jobs SEO Article Writer Blogger Jobs Writing, Blogging, and Social Networking Assistant Tech and Gadget Bloggers Wanted – 16-23 Years of Age Celebrity Bloggers Lead Blogger [Read more…]

Why You Won't Get Famous Blogging for Someone Else

I think I’m going to ramble a bit… As a professional blogger and consultant, I take pride in my brand. My name, Deborah Ng, is my brand. My brand is also this blog network, Freelance Writing Jobs. I hope it doesn’t sound like a big load of ego to say that many people equate my name and my brand, with the freelance writing jobs niche. Though I didn’t set out to have a heavy web presence, once I my reputation began to build I realized the importance of my name and my brand. I worked hard to get to this [Read more…]

What is Success…and How Much Does it Cost?

I got my name in lights with I’m inspired to write this post after reading Chris Brogan’s post about being an overnight success. Success is something we all strive for, isn’t it? As writers we want that best selling novel or to find our bylines bedazzling a major magazine or website. Most of us don’t set out to “just get by” we set out to succeed. What is success, and how much does it cost? I’m yawning as I write this. I woke at 5:00 so I could get a little work in before getting my son off to [Read more…]

Blogging is All About the Delivery: Getting Your Point Across Without Being Abrasive

When I was in highschool and on the job,  there were a few people I did my best to avoid. It was the girls and women who said what was on their minds, no matter how much it hurt. Not only did I find their manner abrasive, I felt they fed into that catty woman stereotype and gave women a bad name in general. They didn’t agree.They excused their rudeness by saying they were honest. I have a nephew who does the same thing. He’s rude, but feels people need to get over it because it’s the truth and that’s [Read more…]

Writing Tip of the Day: Threesomes are Tricky…

Writing an article is like delving into a relationship. There is commitment instilled into each piece. Ideally, a writer works hard to learn about the piece,  researching and interviewing sources, collecting information and getting to the truth of the subject. They are eager to work with the article, finding out what works and what doesn’t. They expertly manipulate transitions until the article reaches new heights of writing ecstasy and when it’s really good they introduce the article to family and friends. There are times when there is trouble in paradise: You’ve got an article to write and you make a [Read more…]

FWJ Community Creativity Project: Caption This

The Writer,  Hampstead Heath August 2005

Online Freelance Writing Communities: Why You Should Join and What to Avoid

I’ve been a member of various online freelance writing communities for close to ten years now. They were especially helpful when I was learning about freelancing. The  freelance writing community is so helpful and I learned so much. In return I was eventually able to share what I learned with the members of this community. Why should you participate in online freelance writing communities? Learn about the business of writing – Veteran freelance writers share business tips, tax tips and customer service advice. Learn who is hiring – If a person or place is hiring, your fellow freelance writers are [Read more…]

27 Writing Quotes, 1 for Every Occaision (ish)

A quick and dirty list of some of my favourite writing quotes for you to use in any article, post, diatribe, speech, dedication, mantra or bellow to the heavens. Hope you enjoy and feel free to add your own in the comments! Ambition 1. Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither. C.S. Lewis The Aging Writer 2. With sixty staring me in the face, I have developed inflammation of the sentence structure and definite hardening of the paragraphs. James Thurber 3. If you can’t annoy somebody, there’s little point in [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 13, 2009

Greetings and welcome to my last leads post of the week. Our good friend Jodee Redmond begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting will be providing leads for the rest of the week while I’m attending the BlogWorld and New Media Expo. Jodee handled leads for about a year here, so she really knows where to find the good stuff. Here’s what’s new around the FWJ network: Free Content: It’s All in the Wording Who is Right: The Customer or the Writer? Is Freelance Writing a Transient Niche? Some News: Friend of FWJ, Diana Scimone, is hosting a webinar called,  “How to Write a Book.” Please [Read more…]

Monday Markets for October 12, 2009

Parents and Kids Magazine From the Web Site: Our tone is conversational. Write as if you were telling a neighbor all about the topic of the article. “English Lit” language is a little stuffy for us. If you use “laceration” when you mean “cut,” you’re over-doing it! Is it ever appropriate to use rhetorical questions? No! Never. Especially as a mechanism to move your article to the next topic. If your article is a series of questions and answers, please send me a draft early on, so we can discuss other ways of approaching the topic. Avoid “personal essays.” Our [Read more…]

Is Freelance Writing a Transient Niche?

I have freelance writing on my mind today, or rather, the freelance writing niche. For those of you who haven’t been with this blog network from the beginning, Freelance Writing Jobs started out as a single standalone blog posting job leads every day. From there, we branched out to having some advice posts on the weekend, then a mixture of the two during the week. Now we’re a full-fledged network of eight blogs. Here’s the interesting thing. This blog/network has been around for about four and a half years. We have some regulars who have been with us since day [Read more…]

Who is Right? The Customer or the Writer?

Customer Service

I live by the “customer is always right” philosophy. I may not always agree with my clients but they’re the ones paying me to do the job their way. There are times when I might offer a suggestion if I feel they’re going in the wrong direction, but I always defer to them. It’s that paycheck thing. I saw an online conversation today with two freelancers arguing over whether or not the customer is always right. The first freelancer felt the same way I do, that the person who is paying has final say in the decision. The second freelancer [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 12, 2009

Today’s Post is Sponsored by Demand Studios It’s clean slate Monday. I’ll be making a positive start by continuing to encourage a positive and respectful community here, and also, by being thankful for FWJ and the people who work and play here. I’m also working ahead to get as much done before leaving for BlogWorld on Wednesday morning. How will you make a positive start this week? Here’s what’s new around the Freelance Writing Jobs network: How Transparent is Too Transparent Who’s Going to BlogWorld? Are We Still Supposed to be Using SEO? Top 10 Freelance Writing Job Red Flags [Read more…]

Free Content: It’s All in the Wording

Every time we talk about writing for free, there’s outrage. Writers from all over the web chime in to discuss whether or not one should pay dues by writing for free and most agree that unless it’s for a meganame magazine or charity, the other party is taking advantage by trading content for exposure. Enter blogging. After blogging took off, many bloggers – me included – began guest blogging for the bigger name probloggers. I also put out calls for guest bloggers here. I had a contest called FWJ Idol where each week bloggers competed for a job here at [Read more…]

Double Ds

Below you will find several sets of letters. If you add the same letter to both the beginning and the end of the group, you will have formed a real word. For example, _REA_ would become “DREAD” when a D is placed at the beginning and the end. Put your answers in the comments without peeking at what other people have written. 1. _ubia_ 2. _hrea_ 3. _he_ 4. _are_

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