starEach phrase is a clue about a particular person. You will find that two (sometimes more) letters have been replaced in the clue by stars. The missing letters will be used to begin each word of the answer. For example, if the clue was “Talksho* H*st,” you would figure out that it is a talkshow host with the initials “O.W.” (Oprah Winfrey)

1. *urrealistic *rawer: __________
2. low*r cas* poetry s*ribe: _________
3. Comman*er, Freela*ce Writing Jobs: __________
4. Jeop*rdy! Know-I*-All: __________

Leave your answers in the comments. How many can you get without looking them up?


  1. Salvador Dali
    e.e. cummings
    Deb Ng
    Alex Trebeck

    Yay! Fun!

  2. 1. Salvador Dali
    2. e.e. cummings
    3. Deb Ng
    4. Alec Trebek

  3. 1. *urrealistic *rawer: SD = Salvador Dali
    2. low*r cas* poetry s*ribe: EEC = e.e. cummings
    3. Comman*er, Freela*ce Writing Jobs: DN = Deb Ng
    4. Jeop*rdy! Know-I*-All: AT = Alex Trebek

  4. w00t! I’m an answer!!!

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