Don't Say "Google Me."

"Hey baby, does heaven know it's missing an angel?"

"Hey baby, does heaven know it's missing an angel?"

I hate it. I HATE IT when a writer says “Google me” when submitting for an assignment or worse, when asking for advice on their writing career. I’m serious, I have had a writer or two ask me about furthering their career and to then added “Google me to see my work.”

Wow. You couldn’t bother to include a link in your email? Are you that busy? Do you think I’m not busy so I have the time and motivation to go looking for “Jane Smith” throughout the Google-verse? Or do you think it makes you look good that your name has the G juice?

It’s a cheesy pick-up line.

Saying “Google me” is like saying  “If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.” Eww. All it really reveals is you’re too lazy or amateur to include links to your work, or too lazy to have business cards or build an online portfolio.

It can lead to unpleasant discoveries.

Trust me, I’m going to look you up, especially if you’re lame. I’m going to go deeper and likely discover a gang of throwaway articles you’d rather I didn’t see.

You’re not the only star in the universe.

What happens when I look you up and find several writers with your name or close to your name. Which one are you? I’ll have to spend time looking around and once I’ve even found a writer’s site that I liked better and contacted them instead of the writer that sent me on the random search.

If you don’t respect my time now…

…you probably won’t respect it later when it is time to turn in a piece by deadline and that’s not a chance many editors and clients are willing to take.


Why would I Google you to help you get the job or assignment, etc. when writers 1-20 included links to their work in their queries. I may come back later and look…but probably not.

I sound a bit hostile huh? This is a behavior that is getting a bit out of hand lately and I thought it was important to teach why it is wrong, rather than merely fume about it. It is professional, standard procedure to submit links to your work and/or online portfolio when submitting a query, job app or seeking advice. Not doing so won’t earn you renegade status, just broke status as editors hit delete.


  1. Phil says

    I always include 3-5 links of clips to my work and invite someone (potential client) to Google my name if they want to see more. The 3-5 links are tailored to the contact, so they shouldn’t need to “Google me,” but they can certain do so if they want additional samples without going through the additional back and forth of e-mail.

  2. says

    I can’t believe anyone would do this. Clips people – clips! Links or attachments, but never make a potential employer work to find you.

    Also, did you know that your Twitter posts come up in Google searches? Try it. Do you really want them finding you THAT way? Watch what you say on social media too!

  3. says

    I always assume that editors are going to Google me if they want more info. Even though I don’t feel like I have anything to hide, I just try to provide the most relevant info to them at the first given opportunity.

    Writers saying ‘Google me’ should probably create a web hub for themselves instead, divided up by the type of writing they do and their area(s) of expertise.

  4. says

    I like the fact the that Google has become a verb but I don’t like these arrogant little throwaway snippets that people throw into emails like that.

    They are trying to be ‘cool’ as if they’re leaving a smoky bar with a Trilby and Raincoat on, chewing a toothpick, seconds before they crack the case and get the girl. Chances are they’re sat at home in their underwear with cheezit powder on their chin and their fifth can of Red Bull being absorbed to contribute to palpitations and health scare number seven of the day.


    • says

      Wow Simon, Cheez It powder & underwear…scary picture LOL! Good theory though, the Internets (all of them LOL!) often allow people to create their ‘alternate universe’ self, the sad thing is when they start to believe the hype.

  5. MLMarvin says

    Maybe, some people are just computer illiterate enough to not know as much as the other person as to add a link ???


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