Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, November 9, 2009

We spent Saturday at a raucous family gathering. To be honest, I’m still not feeling well and wanted to stay home and catch up on administrative tasks. About 15 minutes into the gathering, I realized how happy I was to be there. I didn’t think about my email once, nor did I worry about unmoderated comments or if advertisers were trying to contact me. I think every now and then I need reality check to remind me that while this business is important, there are other things in life. Glad I took time to enjoy good company and conversation this weekend. Hope yours was enjoyable as well.

Here’s what’s going on around the network:

Enjoy your early start!!


Web and Content Writing Jobs

  1. New Age/Metaphysics Writers – $15/article
  2. Write for Sitepoint – $100+ bonus – Pitch an article idea (not a gig).
  3. The Jewish Daily Forward – Pitch an article idea
  4. Developer Tutorials - $100/tutorial – Pitch an idea for a tutorial
  5. Developer Shed - Pitch your idea
  6. - Writer’s Guidelines – not a gig
  7. – Guidelines -Pitch your ideas
  8. – $20/story – Pitch
  9. Write for the American Ceramics Society – $350 – $900/article – Pitch
  10. Online Magazine Writer – Vague ad
  11. Project Based Web and Report Content Editor
  12. Freelance Writer – Electronics
  13. Writer/Blogger/Content Developer
  14. SEO Content Writers
  15. Article Writers Needed – $10

Blogger Jobs

  1. Travel Blogger for Propel – $20/post
  2. Small Business/Web Design Blogger
  3. Home Decor Blogger – Alluminaire – $22/post
  4. Healthcare/Patient Advocate – $15/post
  5. Blogger for Non Profit – NYC
  6. ProBlog Design – $50 – $75/post (pitch an idea – not a gig)
  7. Freelance Bloggers for – $15
  8. Debt Consultant/Blogger – $300/month
  9. Professional Legal Blogger for Website – San Diego

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Education Editor - Los Angeles
  2. Freelance Medical Proofreaders
  3. Reader Wanted – Watertown
  4. Yahoo! Local Editor -Cleveland
  5. Elementary School Spanish Teachers for Evaluations/Proofreading
  6. Yahoo! Local Editor – Detroit
  7. Editor for Sports Website - Houston
  8. Proofreader Wanted – Los Angeles
  9. APA Proofreader/Editor – Twin Cities
  10. Proofreader – Sacrament0

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Interactive Copywriter – Seattle
  2. Freelance copywriter – Philadelphia Suburbs
  3. Advertising Copywriter - Seattle
  4. Freelance Copywriter - Wayne NJ
  5. Freelance Copywriter – Atlanta
  6. Freelance Copywriter – Chicago
  7. Freelance Copywriter for Luxury Magazine – Las Vegas
  8. Direct Response Sales Copywriter

Business Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Experienced Business Plan Writer
  2. Motivated Business Plan Writer - NYC
  3. Freelance Proposal Writer – NYC
  4. Grant Writer for Web Company
  5. Proposal Writer - Nashville – $25+/hour

Travel Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance PR Travel Writers – Woodstock/Catskills NY
  2. Travel Writers Wanted- $35

Sports Writing Jobs

  1. Sports Writers – Houston

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Professional Resume Writer

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Employment Opportunity for Educational Testing Services
  2. Writer for Web Site/Press Release - On Site for a Few Days – NYC
  3. Writer to Assist CPA – $20/hour
  4. Professional Writer Needed- Norcross GA
  5. Freelance Writer/Editor
  6. College Student for Monthly Newsletter - Chicago Burbs
  7. Freelance Writer/Historian – Honolulu
  8. Writer Needed for Short Book Project – Las Vegas – $200
  9. Freelance Writers - $350/month
  10. Writers Wanted – NYC
  11. Real Estate/Finance Savvy Writer- $100/page – NYC
  12. Mesa, AZ Writers Wanted – Community Focus
  13. Freelance Technology Marketing and Training Program Writer – San Francisco
  14. Architectural Critic Writer – Emeryville

International and Foreign Language Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Full Time ProBlogger Job -London/Prague
  2. Montreal Writers Wanted
  3. Russia to English Translator – Russia
  4. English to Polish Translation – Chicago – $25
  5. German Translation
  6. English to Spanish Translation - $20
  7. Chinese to English Translator – Las Vegas
  8. French Translation Project – Software
  9. Freelance Translators – Finnish & Dutch

Magazine Jobs, Submissions, Guidelines and Markets

  1. Vermont Life Magazine
  2. Virginia Wildlife
  3. Freelance Writers for Community Magazine Content
  4. Forth Magazine – Pays .10/word
  5. American School Board Journal - Submissions Guidelines

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  1. Re: Travel Writer’s Wanted

    I’ve seen that ad before. I’ve never bothered 2,000 words for $35 isn’t enough incentive for me. I have friends who have and said they are pretty firm on the ruling that you must have lived in that area for a while and do only pay the $35 for 2,000 words, and usually they prefer longer guides going over the 2,000 word count.

  2. Thanks for the early leads, Deb – it gets my week off to a productive start!

  3. The Educational Testing Service job sounds like a great opportunity. Unfortunately, I don’t live within the 60 required miles of Princeton. I hope that at least one person who does live in the area takes the leap and applies.

    • I DO live within the 60 miles of Princeton but I’m totally swamped right now and not taking on any new projects at least until after the holidays.

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