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I’m excited to tell you about a newsletter we’re launching for the Freelance Writing Jobs network. It’s something I’ve been toying with for a while, but wanted to make sure the FWJ community will receive value  – even a free newsletter. I’ve never been a fan of blog newsletters that only feature the same exact things that are posted to the blog each week. Well, we will have that, but much more.

Coming soon, the FWJ newsletter will feature:

* Blog posts, news and gigs from around the FWJ network.
* Past gems from the FWJ archives.
* Columns and advice by veteran freelancers not found at FWJ
* Fun stuff.
* Q & A/Mentoring- We’ll answer your questions about freelance writing and freelance writing jobs.
* Essays about freelance writing from the FWJ community.

Sign up here, or use the form in the sidebar.

Subscription to the FWJ newsletter is absolutely free and we hope for it to be another way to help advance your freelance writing career. The first issue will launch within the next week or two.

This is your idea, FWJ community, I hope to continue to do you all proud.



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